Food / Water

9 Problems With Using Bleach for Water Treatment

I’m sure you’re aware that most authorities recommend you either boil water or use bleach (sodium hypochlorite) if you must treat water for some reason, such as a boil water order or you’ve run out of safe, stored water and now must collect from a questionable source. Now, while I understand their reasoning–mostly likely because […]

Defense / Security / Safety

How to Prevent Theft After Disaster: 9 Steps, Including Guard Dogs

Preppers have a bad reputation in sheeple’s eyes for getting ready for things that might never happen, like a nuclear war or the zombie apocalypse. But being prepared for an apocalypse-level disaster — and everything in between — is never a bad thing. Even if the world doesn’t end, having that level of preparation means […]

DIY Projects Warmth / Shelter / Cooling

$15 DIY Yeti Cooler Clone: Save Hundreds Making Your Own!

Have you thought about buying a really good cooler, such as this Yeti Tundra cooler, for an upcoming camping trip or general preparedness? Well, maybe you shouldn’t, at least, not until you watch the following two videos because, as it turns out, you might be able to make your own “Yeti cooler clone” for MUCH […]

Defense / Security / Safety Skills / Knowledge

Nighttime Handgun Self-Defense: 4 Problems and Solutions

You know what I’ve never done? I’ve never attempted to shoot a firearm in the dark or even very low-light conditions. I’ve always taken my guns to a range during the daytime, though, I have shot elsewhere (such as on a friend’s land) some time ago, again, during the day. The other night, however, I […]

DIY Projects

World’s Best Rocket Stove?

I absolutely love rocket stove builds, don’t you? You can make them out of almost anything, including various brick designs, used food cans, and even steel tubing as the following video shows. Not only is this design probably the most durable rocket stove I’ve ever seen, but I like how he changed the design up […]

Disaster Planning Equipment / Supplies Lighting / Communications

A Better Keychain Flashlight? The Olight i1R 2 EOS Review

The other day my wife mentioned that her Streamlight Nano keychain flashlight (something we’ve both used for several years now) had the batteries go out. Rather than replacing the four small watch-style batteries, I decided to look for a potentially better option and I think I’ve found it in the form of this Olight i1R […]

Disaster Planning Skills / Knowledge

Urban Survival Tips

While no one wants to think about what they would do if the world ended, it’s one of those things you want to be ready for — whether it happens or not. Whether you survive in an SHTF situation will depend on several factors, like how well you’ve prepared, whether you’ve taken the time to […]

Disaster Planning Equipment / Supplies

What’s In My Tool Bag?

Another  one of my favorite survivalist YouTubers (TheUrbanPrepper) takes us on a tour of his tool bag, something he says he’s been working on for over six years now! Personally, I don’t think it should have taken him quite THAT long to put one together, but it’s clear he ended up with a good bag […]

Bug Out / Wilderness Disaster Planning Equipment / Supplies Warmth / Shelter / Cooling

4 Cold-Weather SHTF Evacuation Preps

“Hope for the best, plan for the worst,” is a well-known adage in disaster-prepping circles, and when it comes to weather conditions, bugging out in the cold presents unique challenges. If you’ve ever lived where the winter brings foul weather then you’ll understand that as things get a little more complicated when it’s both cold […]

Bug Out / Wilderness Equipment / Supplies

Urban Get Home Bag

Apparently, great minds think alike because SensiblePrepper finally got on board with creating his own get home bag which, in my humble opinion, is just as important as a traditional bug out bag. After all, you’re easily likely to be AWAY from home and needing to get back in more situations than you are to […]