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Urban Survival Tips

While no one wants to think about what they would do if the world ended, it’s one of those things you want to be ready for — whether it happens or not. Whether you survive in an SHTF situation will depend on several factors, like how well you’ve prepared, whether you’ve taken the time to […]

Disaster Planning Equipment / Supplies

What’s In My Tool Bag?

Another  one of my favorite survivalist YouTubers (TheUrbanPrepper) takes us on a tour of his tool bag, something he says he’s been working on for over six years now! Personally, I don’t think it should have taken him quite THAT long to put one together, but it’s clear he ended up with a good bag […]

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4 Cold-Weather SHTF Evacuation Preps

“Hope for the best, plan for the worst,” is a well-known adage in disaster-prepping circles, and when it comes to weather conditions, bugging out in the cold presents unique challenges. If you’ve ever lived where the winter brings foul weather then you’ll understand that as things get a little more complicated when it’s both cold […]

Bug Out / Wilderness Equipment / Supplies

Urban Get Home Bag

Apparently, great minds think alike because SensiblePrepper finally got on board with creating his own get home bag which, in my humble opinion, is just as important as a traditional bug out bag. After all, you’re easily likely to be AWAY from home and needing to get back in more situations than you are to […]

Disaster Planning Skills / Knowledge

Why Is One Knot Better Than Another? Science Explains…

Perhaps you instinctively know that a square knot is stronger than a granny knot, but why? Like this article points out, they’re almost identical when finished, so one would assume that they would also equal in strength, but that’s not true as generations of actual use indicates. Interestingly, researchers have figured out that by using […]

Safety Advice

Self-Cleaning Oven Fires and Other Winter Dangers

Over the holidays we went to visit family in Kansas City for a few weeks… all I can say now is that I’m glad to be back home for a while, lol. One day, however, I noticed that my mother-in-law had set her oven to self-clean and then left the house to run errands. In […]

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Outdoor Wood Burner Boiler for Entire Home Heating and Hot Water

I must be into heating ideas lately because it’s cold out as this outdoor wood burner video caught my eye. Personally, it feels like overkill for most people, but if you can afford the time–and possibly the expense–of getting all the firewood ready, this might be a good solution. In this video he discusses the […]

Disaster Planning DIY Projects

DIY Rocket Stove Water Heater

Knowing how to make a rocket stove of varying designs is one of the best prepper skills you can have for homesteading or SHTF events. You can use them for everything, from heating your home to cooking food and boiling water, please learn the concept. With that in mind, here’s a neat way to make […]

DIY Projects Food / Water Skills / Knowledge

How to Cook With Solar Panels and a 12-volt Frying Pan

If you’ve already got a solar panel or two–he used two 100-watt panels–and you can get a portable frying pan (similar to this one) or, better yet, a portable saucepan, you can cook without grid power so long as there’s enough sunlight to push several amps… even directly connected to the frying pan or saucepan! […]

Defense / Security / Safety

Blink XT Home Security Camera System Review

I’ve been wanting to buy security cameras for years, but I always put it off because I figured the good ones cost too much, I probably had to run wires somehow, and we rent so I didn’t want to install anything permanent. That’s what I thought until I decided to really look into wireless cameras. […]