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A Wealth of Survival Supplies Post-Apocalypse

I’ll let you in on a major character flaw of mine: I’m a horrible “outside of the box” thinker. If solution A doesn’t fix problem B then I’m usually in trouble. I think that’s why I’m so fascinated with DIY projects and why I truly enjoy watching YouTube videos on anything survival-related, especially in a […]

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DIY Solar Water Heater

Last week I posted this solar water heater using glow plugs video and, while an interesting idea, it’s not very useful when it comes to making the best use of a precious resource: off-grid electricity. With that in mind, I thought it would be useful to show a different idea of how to heat water […]

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Money Stashes for Everyday Preparedness

After watching this video on EDC Necessities Kit, it got me to thinking about some things I do that aren’t solely about preparedness, but more for just in case something happens day to day. And one of the actions that I do (more so than I realize) is keeping small stashes of money in various […]

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EDC Necessities Kit

This video isn’t really about preparedness, though he does include some useful survival gear, but more about the daily items one might want to have handy for everyday needs. Like he said, it’s a very personalized kit, so you shouldn’t just copy what he’s done – make it your own! Like I said, he does […]

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The Truth About Survival Knives

Knives are a hotly debated and popular gear item in the survival community. Choosing the right knife is a personal choice and the purpose of this article is not to sway you to a certain brand or model. However, my goal is to possibly shift your perspective on what a “survival” knife is.  The Real […]

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DIY Solar Water Heater Using Glow Plugs?

Although there’s no verbal explanation given as the video plays, I think I generally get the idea: Use two glow plugs like a hot water heating element to generate a constant current using a small solar panel and battery. And, while it’s a relatively small water barrel–I’m guessing 15 gallons–he was able to get the […]

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8 Reasons to Invest in Smart Home Security Today

Your home is one of the most expensive purchases that you’ll ever invest in, often spending years saving for just the right place. It’s critical to feel safe in your home and, unfortunately, the world isn’t such a safe place anymore. You need to be proactive in protecting your family and property. As such, here […]

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Buried Shipping Containers – So Many Problems!

I’ve long been interested in doing some sort of underground shelter, but never bothered in large part because I have no idea what I’m doing. Besides, it’s a rather expensive prepping project, so I’d hate to get it wrong and waste a bunch of money or, worse, endanger my family. As DIY projects go, burying […]

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How to Turn Your Basement Into a Survival Shelter

If you’re considering setting up a survival space in or around your home, don’t jump immediately to digging a hole in your yard and setting up an underground bunker. After all, a bunker might end up killing you. If your home has a basement or cellar, you may already have the foundations of a viable […]

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DIY Solar Panel Primer

Solar power is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of green energy in the world. It’s also one of the most accessible forms of green energy, with solar panels getting more affordable every year. When you pair that cost reduction with the incentives the federal government offers to homes that utilize green energy, […]