Disaster Planning Skills / Knowledge

How to Survive the First 2 Months of SHTF

Could you survive months after a catastrophic event, such as a complete grid-down collapse? Most people think they could, invoking daydreams of Mad Max scenarios, but odds are that they’re not even close to being ready for anything close! Even most preppers might not be ready, are you? After all, there will be no power […]

Defense / Security / Safety Equipment / Supplies Skills / Knowledge

Are Throwing Knives Useful for Survival?

The short answer: not even close! But we had fun throwing them. You see, a few months ago my younger son convinced me to buy a set of these Smith & Wesson 8″ Stainless Steel Throwing Knives which, after reading various reviews of these and other knife sets, seemed to be one of the better […]

Camping / Fire DIY Projects Warmth / Shelter / Cooling

$10 Easy DIY Tent Heater Build

What a neat way to heat your tent in the winter using little more than a single metal (clean) paint can and a 3″ furnace pipe! Toss in some carriage bolts for legs and a bit of scrap material and you’re all set. He says it took him about twenty minutes to build; just be […]

Equipment / Supplies

Kukri Blades: One of the Best Prepper Knives You Can Own

Knives are one of the most versatile tools available to any survivalist. They can be used for hunting or clearing a path through dense growth. For these purposes and more, many people choose to turn to Kukri blades. Their unique downward curving shape gives you more control, allowing you to deliver a more powerful strike […]

Equipment / Supplies

Testing The Most Popular Survival Kit

This TRSCIND Survival Gear Kits 13-in-1 Outdoor Emergency SOS Survive Tool appears to be a good deal at less than $27 on Amazon right now and after reviewing the video it’s a VERY good deal, especially if you’re interested in an urban survival kit! Granted, there are a few things I might not be super […]

Disaster Planning

How to Prepare for Next Year’s Hurricane Season Now

The Atlantic hurricane season is almost over for 2019, wrapping up on November 30th, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to start devouring all of the hurricane snacks. Once the threat of storms has passed, the cooler winter months are the perfect time to start preparing for next year’s hurricane season, especially if you live […]

Defense / Security / Safety Skills / Knowledge

Tactical Driving Techniques for SHTF

I haven’t really thought much about tactical driving techniques for SHTF scenarios, but I found the advice in the following video interesting enough to watch it all as I could imagine possibly needing to know these techniques at some point. In the video a pro driver demonstrates how to perform several different maneuvers, including J-turns […]

Defense / Security / Safety Equipment / Supplies

The Ultimate Packable Survival Gun?

And here I thought the Henry AR-7 was compact! Clearly, the Chiappa Little Badger is even more so weighing in at a mere 2.9 pounds and, when folded, only 17″ long. If you’re looking for a solid, yet inexpensive, single-shot rifle for any number of reasons, the Little Badger may be just what you’re looking […]

Disaster Planning Equipment / Supplies Food / Water

7 Steps to Prepare Your Family for Survival

Popular media has made prepping seem like something only paranoid people do. Yet it’s smart who have a plan for emergencies, like an extended power outage or natural disaster — especially if you have a family to take care of. We’ve all been in a scary situation, whether that’s an earthquake or severe storm. However, […]

DIY Projects Food / Water Skills / Knowledge

DIY Rain Roof Build: Rainwater Harvesting for Survival, Gardening

If you live anywhere with a bit of open space (even your own backyard) you could use this idea to collect a lot of water in a short period of time. Coupled with large collection containers, such as the IBC totes he uses, you might not even realize the grid is down, lol. Plus, the […]