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$10 Easy DIY Tent Heater Build

What a neat way to heat your tent in the winter using little more than a single metal (clean) paint can and a 3″ furnace pipe! Toss in some carriage bolts for legs and a bit of scrap material and you’re all set. He says it took him about twenty minutes to build; just be careful when cutting the metal since you can cut yourself if you’re not paying attention.

For the first two minutes of the video he discusses the build and then does a test burn outside. Also, be careful NEVER to use a makeshift stove like this in a completely enclosed space due to carbon monoxide buildup, though, a tent should be fine as it’s expected to be drafty with plenty of air exchange and, of course, you’ll need to ensure nothing that’s easily ignitable gets too close to the stove either…

By Damian Brindle

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