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15 Items Every Prepper Should Hoard

I tend to agree with most everything on the list, especially batteries and toilet paper, as one can NEVER have enough of either, lol. I was glad to see he included items like tarps and cordage since these items can be more useful than most folks realize during a SHTF emergency.

I do, however, take issue with two items, in particular, that being candles (because they’re a significant fire danger) and I wouldn’t suggest bleach as the best long-term option for water treatment, though, there are plenty of other potential uses for bleach around the house.

Perhaps the only two items that I was surprised to see included were socks (it’s not something I tend to stockpile) and propane (mostly because propane can be used up fast when there are better options) but, honestly, it doesn’t much matter what finite items you choose to include so long as you (1) have a plan to utilize them and (2) have plenty!

By Damian Brindle

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Dynamo hand crank lanterns and solar rechargeable lanterns are a good option. Regular liquid bleach has an effective shelf life of one year or less.Pool Shock has an indefinite shelf and allows you to mix up a batch of bleach as needed. There is also Steramine tablets.NOT FOR DRINKING WATER. Mix two tablets with one gallon of water to sanitize and decontaminate any surface.

Candles can be used safely in a candle lantern. In that method they are probably as safe or more so than using an oil lamp. I agree that the Clorox storage should be changed to storing calcium hypochlorite which can be store much longer and reconstituted into a bleach. Table salt is good to store but purchasing water softening salt such as Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Salt Crystals at less than $10 per 40 lb bag is an inexpensive purchase. Salt can be used in many ways. I would also include vinegar as a top priority item to store in quantity for internal use and for cleaning purposes.

I think that solar Powered lights are a good way to go. No fire hazard and the ones we use have lasted years. Save the candles for a time when the lights get broken or lost.

Oh c’mon Damian, candles are off your list because they present a significant fire hazard??!!??
I always remind people that the only reason death is a concern, is because we are alive…so my advice would be to pull up your big girl panties and put your candles in safe places. oy vey…

Candles ARE a fire hazard, especially when people aren’t accustomed to using them for their main source of lighting. Just think about someone who has a dozen candles lined up around a room and then a toddler or pet knocks one over? Why have that sort of trouble when there are easier, safer sources of lighting? As such, my recommendation is to avoid candles, especially when I can stockpile plenty of batteries to not only power lights but other equipment as well. It’s a win-win. 🙂

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