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25 Survival Uses for a Leather Belt (video)

Almost makes me wish for winter so I can wear pants, just so I can have a leather belt on me all the time. 😉 You can skip to about the 3:50 mark to view where he starts to talk about uses (the first few minutes is about leather belts in general)…

By Damian Brindle

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2 replies on “25 Survival Uses for a Leather Belt (video)”

All great ideas. I have ham radio antennas and get on my roof now and then. Guess I can take my bucket of tools up without dropping them a few at a time or lug them down the ladder. I also had no clue they sharpen knives. All quite impressive. Thank you!

This is so excellent! I never thought about so many uses. I like what you said about using it as a weapon. I thought about the Bruce Lee movie in which he using a belt like a whip lololool.. Keep doing the good job Sir!!!

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