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7 Common Trees Ranked for Survival Purposes

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The following article is an interesting (and unexpected) comparison of several common trees and attempts to rank them in order of best to worst for survival purposes focusing on several key areas, including nutritional benefits, medicinal value, firewood quality, and more.

The article compares oak trees, apple and maple trees, white pines, and a few others. Which one do YOU think will be the winner? The answer may surprise you…

Many trees provide nutritional value, medicinal qualities, and a good source of firewood. But which tree is the best?

It’s a tough question. Many trees provide value on many levels, and the importance of those qualities can be subjective. For example, a tree might bear a fruit you enjoy, but is it a fruit with lots of calories to help sustain you in a survival scenario?

Here are some questions to consider.
-Are you knowledgeable enough to maximize the nutritional value of a tree?
-Do you have the skills to distill the medicinal qualities of a tree?
-Do you depend on firewood to heat your home?

Let’s assume you want all three of those things–nutrition, medicine, and heat–and assign grades to various trees to see if one emerges above the others. We’ll then explore in detail the value of that “one” tree.

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By Damian Brindle

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