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8 Things That Are Darn Hard to Make Post-SHTF

number eightWhen I think about preparing for a SHTF event I think about many things, from security protocols and group dynamics to gardening and livestock (even though I don’t know a thing about animal husbandry). I also think about those many, many supplies that we’ve come to rely upon that would be darn hard for the average Joe like me to make on my own.

That said, I do understand that there is plenty of information on the Net that will show you how to do and make darn near anything if you’re so inclined. Heck, I’ve got several hundred or more links in the “How to” Knowledge Base dedicated to it and, of course, there’s YouTube. But, to be honest, I probably will never attempt 95% of what I have listed… not because I’m lazy but because I don’t have to!

More importantly, I’m probably better off not trying to make most things myself. After all, should I really try to make my own aspirin if I can simply purchase plenty of what I might use for years on end right now? That’s not to say I should never learn how or that I shouldn’t bother to understand which herbs, essential oils, or foods can be used as a replacement for aspirin, I certainly should.

Regardless, I’m of the opinion that if I need an aspirin then I NEED an aspirin and I don’t want to be messing around with grinding up an herb concoction if I don’t have to. Again, I’m not saying we shouldn’t bother with learning a wide assortment of skills that could come in handy post SHTF+1. I am saying that there are plenty of supplies we should have on-hand that, for the average person like me, would be darn hard to make. With this in mind, here’s my list:

1. Medications (both OTC and especially Rx) – Like I mentioned above, I know there are plenty of alternatives to modern day medications–perhaps even better options in some cases–but I wouldn’t want to rely on most of them if I don’t have to. This is especially true for those who rely on life-sustaining medications. The obvious problem is that you simply cannot purchase years worth of many prescription medications. You can, however, slowly build up a stockpile and even talk your doctor into your way of thinking so that you can purchase more medications you rely upon. Work both of these angles and you’re at least on your way to being better prepared for SHTF. Over-the-Counter medications, on the other hand, can be readily had and purchased at dirt-cheap costs relative to their usefulness in a post-SHTF world. I suggest you get plenty… and then buy more. And if you store them in foodsaver bags or mylar bags they will last that much longer.
2. Glasses, contacts, hearing aids, etc – Our senses are something most of us take for granted, at least until they no longer work properly and then then become absolutely precious. More importantly, the ability to see and hear, for example, are critical for emergency situations and just trying to stay alive in a SHTF situation. This is so true that I’ve even contemplated purchasing an assortment of inexpensive prescription glasses for SHTF even though I don’t currently wear any… who knows what my situation might be like twenty years down the road. If you do already rely on glasses, contacts, hearing aids, or dentures then it behooves you to ensure you have backups for backups and whatever supplies you need to keep these things in good working order.
3. Clothes and shoes – Yeah, I know there were cobblers and seamstresses once upon a time, but I would say these are becoming lost skills… I know I couldn’t sew a shirt properly to save my life. 😉 Besides, it’s not like the fabric that you need to make clothes comes out of thin air either… that has to be gathered and processed too and I don’t have a clue how to do that. Likewise, shoes are a big deal too. I’d imagine they’re a bit easier to piece together than actual clothing but I really have never tried. That said, I could probably makeshift sandals relatively easily but good quality boots are another story altogether. And let’s not forget those of us who have growing kids, do you have enough clothing and shoes for them to grow into for years to come? I don’t.
4. Ammunition – I know it’s quite possible to reload ammo but that sounds like tedious work to me and, of course, you’re going to need all the equipment and supplies to do it. Eventually this is something I will want to get into but not right now. In my opinion, it’s best to have plenty of what you could expect to use already on-hand since ammunition can last a lifetime if kept dry. While I’m at it, you may as well include firearms in the “darn hard to make” category too. How much? You’ll have to decide that. Besides, can you really have too much?
5. Gasoline, diesel, propane, kerosene – I know people will learn to utilize alternative fuel sources and there is such a thing as biodiesel and even a wood gasifier but I don’t honestly see me successfully utilizing any of those without some serious help from somebody who knows what they’re actually doing. To be honest, I see reliance on most anything that uses any form of fuel for the long term to be difficult for the simple fact that these fuels will either run out, be cost-prohibitive, or perhaps both. That’s not to say you shouldn’t rely on an wide assortment of equipment that runs on fuels in the short term, I certainly do, but if your entire life is built around their existence (like most of our lives currently are) then you and I are going to be in for a world of hurt when they’re gone. For the short term you can stockpile quite a bit of fuel to see you through and be better off than 99% of those who failed to stockpile any.
6. Batteries (of all kinds) – Do you know how to make a battery? One that is honestly useful, that is? Again, I don’t. If you expect to be able to run a mini-fridge to keep your home-brewed beer cool or even to run a few LED lights so you feel slightly normal when times are tough then you’re going to need some serious battery power, most likely in the form of deep cycle batteries. Sure, solar panels and wind turbines are necessary too but it’s the batteries that smooth everything out. Have plenty for your needs.
7. Tarps and plastic sheeting – I don’t think one could have enough tarps or thick plastic sheeting as they seem to come in handy so often, from creating makeshift shelters to temporary home repairs, blackout shades, and even as part of solar projects. They can be turned into makeshift awnings or be used to cover your garden during potential frosts and protect firewood. Tarps are a good thing and ever so versatile.
8. Hand tools – Tools like quality hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, axes, and plenty more are always needed and will last a lifetime if treated properly. And the best part is they’re the right “tool” for the job. For example, I could eventually hammer a nail with a rock but why cause myself such grief when I can simply have a few hammers around to do the job right? Or what about removing a basic bolt without a wrench, a screw without a screwdriver, and so on? The same could be said for any other typical hand tool as well. Look at local garage sales I’m sure you’ll find plenty to choose from if you don’t already own what you need.

Obviously, the above list isn’t exhaustive but should be considered more of a good start to get yourself thinking in the right direction about what things we often rely upon that not only make a job soooooo much easier but are just darn hard to make post-SHTF.

What items would you include?

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By Damian Brindle

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a book called Handles formulas it was often the second book purchased after a bible. My copy is over a hundred years old. a book on sharpening tools and a selection of stones. a dull tool takes more energy to use and is more dangerous. books on basic blacksmithing and how to make the tools and a forge. one item also used for laundry is borax. used to weld. stay in shape. able to walk ten miles it is also one thing to be able to use alternative plants but how about planting as you walk around your neighborhood and parks so you don’t need to look for them !!———-Grampa

You left out a section for communications. When a natural disaster knocks out the local powder grid people will want information immediately about what has happened, how long it is expected to last and whether their loved-ones are okay. A hand-cranked AM/FM radio for official news updates plus a portable photovoltaic charger for a mobile phone or smart phone so text messages can be sent to loved ones will be very handy.

Does anyone remember the SURVIVALIST movement that began in the late 1970’s and early 80’s? What was being written about or on short wave broadcasts back then – as there was NO INTERNET or BLOGS … was a unique situation that was warning and instructing you to really think for yourself and think completely out of the box – and that movement is the nearly the same thing today – with some major differences.
Off grid separatist groups like those attacked by the Fed’s in the 1980’s – arose out of the 1970’s rural commune survival movement as did para military civilian *state militia’s. ( FYI – *now being infiltrated by FBI-ATF undercover agents! ) And because of the types of weapons that were being purchased by these early militia survivalist’s, and with a few bad players out of them going off half cocked against society – many of the weapons were banned and the word SURVIVALIST was made into a epithet! Once the Politically Correct Movement began, media took that torch and laid it on extra thick that Survivalist’s were evil rat bastards.

So, the hippy-ish 70’s couple living out in the tall, weedy, field-grass over-grown covered rural lands, raising goats, chickens, bees, and maybe a sheep or two, as well as growing corn, beans, tomatoes, cabbages, tubers, roots, herbs, fruit trees, while drinking homemade Chai or Chamomile teas, with home baked biscuits from home ground flour and slathered with wild clover honey, while singing or dancing to the sounds of a hammer dulcimer – were the most evil and foulest enemies of the state imaginable! The Government hated flower child hippies of the 1960’s because they were anti- Vietnam War – and then the flower children with their newborn babies became off grid Mother Earth survivalists, and the government hated them even more. Why? Because they were happy, quiet, prosperous, industrious, fruitful, artistic, smart and informed, cohesive as a sub culture, and non violent – so the government had to create a way to attack them by labeling them as extremists and anti-government – when the real truth was, they wanted nothing to do with the day to day hassles of the urban life and wanted even less to do with the government. They just wanted to be left alone and live in peace! But for the foul assholes in Washington D.C. with poo and egg on their faces because they did loose the war… well by God someone had to be the scapegoats and someone had to pay – so the off grid survivalist movement got the ” you’re it!” tap on the shoulder and they were set up to take the fall as the being the larger problem – for it was never the foul bastards in Washington D.C. of course. Sound or Look Familiar?

It was the killing of J.F.Kennedy supposedly by Oswald that brought down mail ordering firearms in the USA. Considering the assassination was part of a CIA- Union plot against Kennedy – it was our government and big labor who was responsible – not some rogue, mentally ill , drugged up, counter-spy, Commie Leftist lunatic. He was just the pigeon. It was the three Government hit men on the grassy knoll who made sure JFK brains splattered all over Jackie! Fast track to Obama’s gun running to drug cartels in Mexico, and once again, then try to blame it on the people and the second amendment! We the people are the not the issue – it is the rat-bastards we have elected and the people they then install into high non elected positions that back them.
Today, the 2nd Amendment is again being called a dirty name because of a false flag mass shooting by a nut job at a South Carolina church with a strong race baiting case tossed it to stir up a national unrest. The CIA operatives are once again at work. Expect MORE screaming by the ANTI GUNNERS and the OBAMA administration to once again call for weapon and ammo banning.The timing of this event couldn’t have been more perfect for Obama goon squads, and untimely for us law abiding citizens!
Within hours, Obama has seized the opportunity to warn, – a wave of new anti-gun legislation must be coming!
Get ready for it! Gee – just in time with Jade Helm now up and running too! This is going to be one hell of a summer – I can smell it in the air and it smells like a rat named Obama!

Now days, anything related to SURVIVAL is much more complex with a myriad of things that everyone seems to think they need to survive come Shtink flying from the fan or end of the world Zombie attack.

Truthfully, what I see these days is so out of control and ridiculous with what bloggers post you “MUST” have – you’d need a 100,000 sq ft climate controlled warehouse to hold it all. It’s just NUTS! Not to mention completely out of the realm of possibly for most people. For crying out loud, now they say you need a 10 ten MRAP tank-truck to survive the Zombie-Apocalypse!

Does anyone live like that – day to day? I mean, who lives in a Lowe’s home improvement store? ANYONE?

The uber rich are now ( as they did in the 1980’s too ) building super underground bunkers or off grid redoubts with every amenity known to man because they WILL NOT BE INCONVENIENCED or GO WITHOUT! The sheer greediness and selfishness of these wealthy S.O.B’s makes me want to puke!

When Shtink hits the fan, or the end of the world as know it “TEOTHWAWKI” happens – living like some banana republic fat cat Dictator dinning on caviar and champagne at a heavily armed redoubt was thought to be complete BULL-CRAP back in the early years of the survival movement that grew out of the somewhat Hippy-ish MOTHER EARTH NEWS following – and it is bull-crap today as well. Those bunkers and redoubts will be the first places found, attacked and taken out by Military Forces and also small civilian militias looking to resupply when there is no where else to get things.

SURVIVAL methods talked about on Shortwave radio shows in the 80’s or as published in the original format SOLDIER of FORTUNE magazine was about being more of a rapidly mobile well trained guerrilla force – that could outwit, outlast, outplay, outfight any enemy anywhere.
It was never about having a 5,500 sq ft, custom built, log home high in the mountains with a five stall garage, swimming pool, tennis court, multiple viewing decks, a 7,000 bottle Wine Cellar and seven fireplaces inside along with granite topped kitchen surfaces and WOLF brand appliances! WTF!?!?!

Back in the beginning GOLD and SILVER was being touted as a safety net to have on hand for once the economy imploded ( sound familiar? )
and the precious metal commodity prices commensurate then with the economy of that decade, was just as out of reach for most of the public as it is today! Therefore – an old adage of the survivalist movement that went; “There will be people with all of the Gold and Silver, and there will be people with bullets, bandages, Beans and Rice! The people with the bullets and bandages are who’ll end up with all of the Gold and Silver too!” was oft recited. The rich by the way, still think they can BUY their way out of any thing… without actually having to suffer.

Now those with the GOLD and SILVER ( fat bank accounts )also want to have all of the high powered weaponry, all of the ammo, and pantries full of very expensive 25 to 35 year long term storage foods while living in splendorous surroundings!
And this is a world wide phenomenon too! The Russian’s, Chinese, Japanese, the Scandinavians, New Zealanders, South and Central American’s and others are gunning up and bunker building…as if there is no tomorrow.
The US government in the 1980’s was building massive underground networks of doomsday bunkers for the Elite’s and it continues that ” “we have to survive and you don’t ” campaign to this day!
They bought ONE BILLION plus, rounds of Ammo for them,(with fiat money of course) and they want to ban every type of gun and ammo round from you! So now the Adage can be reworded to be; “There will be the ELITIST’s with all of GOLD & SILVER ,GUNS, AMMO, FOOD and BANDAGES, and they want kill everyone else whose left with nothing!” Or – mete out compassion via the Fascist-Communist way! i.e. MASS GRAVES!

AND this is EXACTLY what those in the high chaparral Ponderosa Pine homes with every luxury are – ELITIST FASCISTS! They are the NEW AGE, NAZI, HIGH COMMAND OFFICIAL’S and THEIR FAMILIES! It is NOT about their SURVIVAL as Constitutional loving American’s (or any other nationality ) is it about ME – ME – ME – ME – MINE – MINE – MINE – and how hedonistic Mother F’ing important they are compared to YOU = being all those who dare to ask for more; those worthless, penniless, bedraggled, used clothes wearing, ignorant rubble rats in the streets! ” Kill `em all, let God sort `em out! ” being the high and mighty Elitist’s mantra. And trust me on this one – they do not give a damn whether or not you survive – they only care about just themselves and a continued high status life style within their million dollar bunkers.

So once again,let me ask you; DOES ANY MILITARY SPECIAL FORCES Unit live like that? Does 99% of the public live like that? Did the underground resistance forces of WW2 live like that? Do the Guerrilla forces in the Pacific Islands and in Central America live like that?
WHO is it they are enemies with? FASCIST dictators and ELITIST families is who! And the USA is rife with both of them.

Survival is about TWO distinct issues – Self reliance as an off grid subsistence farm lifestyle, where home made, home re-paired, home grown, home preserved, home raised, home taught, home entertained, with a do it yourself with re-purposed everything mindset … as well as bartering, selling your goods, fair trading, and rural community networking that helps you and others get through season to season…without reliance upon any big box stores or the government.

The other way, is about living day to day as a guerrilla group member fighting and resisting tyrants, despots, henchmen, dictators, war-lords, corrupt police, crime boss empires, gang members, who are murdering innocents – and taking everything for themselves.
Today, you can add resistance fighting against Radicalized Religious Terrorists too. The WET WORK Mercenary – spook is an anathema to both sides of the discussion. So is the violence loving lone wolf lunatic. Apparently, so are the mentally ill, SRI drug taking, CIA-FBI controlled time bombs who manage to get a hold of firearms without question.

The US government labeled early rural survivalists as extremists and malcontents that were anti- government because they didn’t want to participate in the day to day urban rat race of traffic gridlock, time cards, and taxable paychecks. And they went after them in any way they could to shut them down and make them look bad or insane. They are still doing it to this day. God forbid any one of them should hunt, fish, eat wild edibles, wear hides, burn wood, and Pray!

Survival has lost it’s truer meanings and earthy teachings. Survival isn’t about being trendy cool, or being more highly outfitted than a Cabela’s. It is not about being a fringe lunatic that is Anti -Government. Of course, we do have a rapidly rising Fascist/Socialist State out to break and enslave everyone to the micro chipped MATRIX come hell or high water… The “Totenkopf Capped and ring wearing” authorities of the US government are becoming more and more visible and vocal. These same death cult bastards want to make Prepping illegal and punishable. Gun seizures are in the plans at some point too – IF WE FALL FOR THE FALSE FLAGS AND ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN – which is exactly what Militarized Police State wants – A war with gun owners to capture, arrest, and summarily execute them in the streets like a NAZI SS Officer would in Europe with those whose were captured resistance fighters. Of course all of it televised to send the message – if you have a gun, then you are an enemy of the state.

Real rural survival is mostly if not completely off grid, it’s low tech, old school, self sufficient, self renewable, quiet, small, disconnected from the internet & television, and mostly unseen and certainly never attention seeking. Or out of sight, out of mind!
Seems few these days can do it. Selfies are just too damned important.

Nope; they want to live in 5,500 sq ft,custom built, showy log mountain homes with all of bells and whistles and then some!

The SURVIVAL MOVEMENT has lost its way!

I would suggest going to thrift shops and stocking up on clothing- especially on the ” Dollar Bag days” -get one size bigger than you wear in shirts and sweaters if you can find them-because when you need to work outdoors you need the room. Also anything like blankets [linens] can be used in hundreds of ways from making clothes to medical to tarps…not to mention can be refashioned into clothing for other people or used as fabric.
I live up north- so I would buy anything wool…even wet wool will keep you warm…plus you can start fires with it. Old wool socks can be mittens…may not be prutty but beats frostbite! Hats,mittens and scrafs -mittens can be worn as socks if need be…
When you look at something see it out of the box- many things can be used for mulitable purposes.
I agree about the metal gears on sewing machines…I have an old leather and suede machine that still sews like a charm…all metal gears and I can adapt it with a flywheel to use by hand…
Old machines sew better than the new ones too. My old kenmore is still going after 50 years again all metal gears and can be adapted with a flywheel. I gave my brand new computerized one to my daughter hated it! I didn’t like the way it sewed or anythig else about it- with-in a year she had to take it to the shop for repairs…I have never taken my machines to the shop…go for the older models and maintain them yourself. Missing manuals can be found on line…print them out!

As far as the wood gasifier for energy production, that’s a bad idea. If done incorrectly, a gasifier is essentially a big bomb.

Nice article. I think the path that most people eventually take is to try and learn how to do and make everything for the purpose of never being able to solve a problem or to live better.

I agree that it makes sense to buy what we can, particularly those things that are mass produced and cheap to buy. We can be ready for a crisis and then spend time building things such as gasifiers, food dehydrators, water systems, and learning how to raise food and livestock and then turning natural and scavenged manmade resources into whatever we need. For anyone who finds any particular item too complicated or beyond their skills to make, the option to purchase a tool, machine or other device is always there and nobody should look down upon that option. Who of us has the tools and knowledge to build a firearm from scratch? And somethings as simple as matches would be very difficult thus that is a cheap item, but a very high priority on the list of essential items to stockpile.

Older machines are still in great supply. Go now and find one made before 1964. At any rate, make sure it has metal gears and parts, German made gears if you can find them. Don’t let anyone laugh at you because they either don’t know what they are talking about or want to unload something on you.

Some modern machines, maybe Husqvarna might have simple machines like the old ones. I have old machines ONLY. There is nothing that could induce me to purchase a machine with a computer because that will fail faster than and old machine made with metal gears. I would probably love the technology but not a failure of the computer.

I love out door .I see what the earth has come to ! Off the grid and plan , Preppers , survival I am looking
For detail about your product please leave a message. Living my life one day at a time. When I post this, I am looking for more information.

Fabric! If you can’t grow cotton the best solution is Sheep. You can eat them and shear them for wool and use the hides as well! You will need a spinning wheel, some animal husbandry knowledge and a loom which is great but not necessary if you can crochet or knit. Paper ink metal tools for work harvest, butchering, saws!! You can cut wood with an axe but you need saw mill blades and hand saws for building materials and sharpening supplies too! Oils for lubrication and filters wether for your water system vehicles or anything motorized! Flints and fire starters! Too many things to list!

Actually I was thinking more into the food aspects. I was worried about salt, and baking powder until I realized we have a ready source a week’s walking distance from our bugout destination (Salt Lake), and I already know how to purify it by making it into a solution and allowing it to recrystalize. Plus yeast is a good substitute in some cases for baking powder, which is easily harvested from the air w/ the right application of ingredients. The other parts of baking powder (ingredients are: baking soda, cornstarch, and cream of tartar) can be homemade from corn and grapes.

My real concerns are sugar and seeds for planting. Nothing really substitutes for sugar, but the cane doesn’t survive in the wild where we live. There are other sweet things in nature like berries, fruits, sweet potatoes, etc. But again I’d need seeds for most of those because gathering them is tedious. So, I’ve been planting a few grapevines, apple saplings, peach saplings etc. hoping they can survive on their own. The apples seem like they might take. Other than that flour might be scarce. So, I’m stocking up on seeds! 🙂 Potato, corn, wheat, tomato, carrot, squash etc. We are also thinking of building a sort of greenhouse on our mountain property. Or at least having the supplies on-hand to do so. I think it’s very prudent to know where u’re gonna go. My family is fortunate enough to have that land, thanks to my grandparents! 🙂 Survive happy!


Moccasins are easy to make from hide and sinew. U just need a knife and a needle in a best case scenario.

Worse case scenario is 2 circular pieces of hide that will fit ur feet and something to tie them on with. (I just saw ur reply about not being able to sew to save ur life. In this case it’s unnecessary. Lol)

I think you’re certainly on the right track, Sarah. I would suggest that because salt and sugar are so cheap to purchase I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to purchase enough of both to last for a LONG time… and since they really don’t go bad (if kept dry) I’d say you should start there rather than planning to trek a week to a lake. Granted, the post was about after-SHTF so I like your thought process overall. FYI, honey is often a substitute for sugar and as we try to eat healthier my wife often finds recipes online that don’t utilize sugar… just search!

Lol I meant as far as cravings go, for no substitutions. But u’re right about honey. Awesome stuff and has many healing properties. 🙂

Good list, however:
As Lieutenant Dan said, “Socks. Cushion sole, od.” Never have too many.
TP. Yes, leaves can be used, I know from experience. Still, a better option, painters rags, and reusable.
Winter clothes, and warm stuff in general. Also, wet weather things.
Clothes detergeant.
Soap. Stay clean and stay warm.
Solar batteries with charger, several of both.

Clothing is no problem. I sew and can make anything kind of clothing on my treadle sewing machine. Which is also useful for making quilts to keep warm here in the north country. I have been making my own patterns for years. So no problem there. I also make my own fabric. I spin my own yarns and weave my own cloth. I even raise fiber prodcing animals. So we are set there. I have also made shoes.
The ammunition and fuel are our biggest concerns. So one is to sock pile and the other we are learning as much as we can about alternative.

I can make anything with material and sewing machines. Actually, I have made garments with a threaded needle. I even have a treadle machine. I have plenty of fabric, but maybe not what a person wants. However, sheets can be used to make clothing. You may not get your lumberjack look from percale sheets, but they are clothing!

I can draft patterns and use garments as guide to make other clothes. This is done two ways. The first way, I cut the garment apart and use the pieces for patterns. Second, I can actually measure the garment and make an exact duplicate without ruining the garment. Actually, there is a third way. I have taken a garment apart, cut a pattern from it, and reassembled the garment. No one is the wiser that I have disassembled the garment.

Larger sizes of clothing can be cut down. Any clothing not fit to wear due to wear and tear can be used to cut clothing for a child. From my standpoint, getting clothing for me or anyone with me does not seem like a big deal. However, I am alone, so need someone!

Patterns are a good idea, but anyone bringing me a pattern might just annoy me. If you are desperate for clothing, don’t bring me a complicated fashion design that is tedious. People who don’t sew have no idea what is simple and useful or what pattern is fiddly and difficult.

Shoes? I actually cut a design for the shoe/boot sole and shoe/boot top, I cut the shoe top and took the sole pattern to a cobbler in town. We have three! He cut the sole pattern from the proper leather and sewed that to the upper/top I cut from shoe leather.

There are simple slipper patterns that would give a design that might need adjusting. Wearing these slipper in the house would save shoes from just a bit of extra wear. The slippers I have in mind come up slightly above the ankle, so they offer a bit of warmth. Feet need a release from being bound all the time. Shoes need relief from having damp feet inside. Yes, all our feet sweat enough to rot shoes and cause foot problems.

Years ago, I made a pair of cloth slippers to wear in bed on cold nights in my uninsulated house. This kept me from needing extra covers on my feet at night. I wore socks and the bed slippers. These slippers never touched the floor, so they were left clean by the bed each day when I arose.

Sewing is not the problem for me that it is from some. Finding fabric is not a problem and might never be if a person lays some in store and does not discard clothing because of holes in the fabric or the style of the clothing.

One thing I would advise–save blue jean zippers. Zippers can be replaced with a zipper from a garment worn thin. If you don’t want to save the whole jeans, cut about three inches around the zipper. Save that. Do not remove the working zipper from the jeans. if you have a pair of jeans that have a broken zipper, do NOT help the seamstress by removing the zipper. She needs to see how the zipper came out in order to see how it goes back. There are many layers involved in the placket around a jeans or pants zipper.

Hope this was not too long comment.

Anyone who has a computerized sewing machine needs to think twice and get a backup machine made before 1965. Make sure the gears and parts are metal, preferably German-made. A person might have enough electricity to sew because it takes very little, but the computerized machine could be useless if you don’t have a tech to repair it. The treadle is a great idea. I have one and have very old sewing machines.

Warm clothing can be made from blankets. I bought s USN wool blanket and certainly want more. I use it for a top sheet right now.

For shoes, try a moccasin with a tire sandal tied over it.

Save all buttons from clothing discarded or used for rags. If you are donating clothing to the less fortunate, leave the buttons on! Learn how to make a buttonhole by hand.

If you have a sewing machine, buy an identical model # for cannibalizing and repairs.

Stockpiling fabric should be done on the level of stockpiling other items. However, don’t store it in a storage building or in the attic and expect it to be usable. Take care of it like you would rice or flour–no moisture or bugs should be able to access it. Mildew can rot it; mice make beds for their babies, chewing it up and fouling it; moths will eat it up; silverfish in the attic will destroy it, eating huge chunks of it after they make a few holes. Besides, I would not welcome musty or mildewed material into my home to sew. Anything that is eating material could still be in it and then I would get an infestation.

I could trade sewing for protection…lol.

I can barely sew by hand so this is good advice but I’d imagine these older style sewing machines are hard to find, not because they’re in high demand but because of their age. Of course, I don’t have any clue, just guessing. As with most skills, we often find that modern gadgets and gear do make life easier (and get done faster) but there’s no substitute for quality products that were truly made to last for when the SHTF!

B/4 u talk to your dr about a year’s supply of meds, I’d suggest building a good, trustworthy relationship with him/her. The dr needs to be confident that u’re not going to abuse ur meds, & that u’re not going to sell them. It’s going to take a while for him/her to know u well enough for those things.

Also, a good place to get decent low-cost hand tools is your local pawn shop.
Before u stock up on fuel, look up how long it lasts. Gasoline & diesel have relatively short shelf lives, even w/ a stabilizer. Propane and/or kerosene can be stored much longer.
Myself -I need to get an extra pair of eye glasses, shoes, & tarps.

First, you’re absolutely right about building a relationship with your doctor… it’s the best way to get what you want. Second, never thought about getting hand tools at a local pawn shop, thank you. Third, fuel can be made to last years with judicious use of stabilizer but, of course, it won’t last forever.

Very good list. I’d differ only slightly on clothes. There are seamstresses who could make & mend clothing, by hand or with pedal-powered sewing machines, provided they have the material. So I’d recommend getting some appropriate materials instead, as clothing sizes tend to change over time.

But the rest of the list is spot-on. These are things to stock up on.

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