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Air Guns For Self Defense?

The title got my attention. It’s an interesting thought experiment but clearly no substitute to a firearm for self defense as the experiments he conducts show. There’s just not enough stopping power in most air guns, especially handgun-style options. Plus, there’s the very real concern that many of these pellet guns look exactly like their real counterparts (many are replicas, after all) which could get you in more trouble than you realize both with the bad guys and the police.

Ultimately, it took him using a 40 ft-lb rifle-style pellet gun to actually penetrate the ballistics gel dummy he created. Remember, too, that his advice is for UK-residents, so he’s particularly concerned about their strict firearms laws. My advice: don’t bother with any sort of pellet gun for self-defense; you’re just kidding yourself if you think they’re effective and could be putting your life at risk. Watch why they’re ineffective for such purposes…

By Damian Brindle

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