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Body Armor: Beyond Bullets

Safeguard Armor MilTac Body Armor
Safeguard Armor MilTac Body Armor

The folks at sent me the following post to share with you today. I’d say it’s a healthy reminder that body armor really can be useful to us preppers, even beyond the obvious ones such as a shootout. If/when SHTF, I guarantee you’ll feel almost naked without appropriate protection…

The art of survival is in preparation; this is why the term ‘preppers’ is often used. This preparation can extend to training and fitness, understanding the local terrain, or even brushing up on gardening tips. Whatever you feel is necessary, preparing is the only way you can survive in the face of extreme situations.

This preparation will no doubt bring you into contact with exciting new products and ideas, and you will begin to find benefit in things you had never before considered. One such example is body armor which many have never considered appropriate for them. However, even if you have already considered body armor, there are a number of surprising benefits it offers that you may not know about.

What Is Body Armor?

The first and most important thing to understand is what exactly body armor is. ‘Body armor’ as a term can refer to many different products, all of which have different advantages and disadvantages. The wide variety of products can offer you protection against a variety of threats, and understanding their uses allows you to be protected against the most likely threats. The most common example of body armor is a bullet proof vest, which naturally offers protection against bullets. However, the materials used in a bullet proof vest allow it to offer protection against any number of attacks.

What’s It Made Out Of?

Most bullet proof vests use Kevlar, which is a soft and flexible fabric that nevertheless is incredibly strong. Kevlar vests are capable of absorbing and dispelling large amounts of energy, allowing it to stop bullets. This ability to absorb and disperse energy means that a Kevlar vest can help mitigate the damage caused by any impact, from a bullet to a transportation accident. Indeed, many otherwise fatal car crashes have been avoided thanks to a bullet proof vest. This is one of the reasons why body armor is a useful piece of equipment for Survivalists, as it provides easy protection against a variety of threats.

Body armor is more accessible than ever, and is no longer seen as equipment reserved for the Police and Security services. This is in large part due to the development of the materials used, which are becoming thinner and lighter than ever before. This means that anyone can wear high levels of
protection comfortably for long periods of time. Similarly, advancements in temperature-regulating technologies and durable materials means that vests are increasingly comfortable in even the most extreme weather.

Why Body Armor Is For Preppers

This development of materials means that high level of protection is available in both covert and overt styles. Traditionally, one of the main barriers to body armor for civilians is the weight and bulk, meaning people had to make a tough decision between displaying their armor and wearing bulky and uncomfortable vests underneath clothing. However, covert vests (those worn under clothes) can be made extremely thin, even at high levels of protection.

For Preppers and Survivalists, being prepared for the worst in any situation is important; bug-out bags are seen as a necessity as they give you the tools you need no matter where you are. A covert vest works along these lines, and means that your protection is assured when the SHTF. Even if we are lucky enough not to experience the collapse of society, being protected against a shooting, stabbing, or even a beating is useful in today’s society.

Why Adding A Vest To Your Preps Is A Must-Do

While a bullet proof vest can protect you from a variety of things, it cannot protect you against edged and spiked weapons. Following the breakdown of society, firearms and ammunition will become scarcer, and may not be the most dangerous threat to your safety. Edged and spiked weapons can be just as deadly as a bullet, and require different types of protection. Stab or spike proof vests will usually still employ ballistic materials like Kevlar, in order to help absorb the impact of an attack. This fabric will, however, be cut or bypassed by an edged or spiked weapon, and so stab
and spike proof vests need additional materials like chainmail and plastic laminate to provide a tough surface. This can be a benefit to those facing a harsh and unknown new world, as these vests will keep you safe from things like animal attacks, preventing teeth and claws from penetrating.

[Editor’s note: like the above paragraph says, to ensure you get the MOST protection possible you NEED a vest that can properly protect you against edged weapons so choose your vests carefully.]

Body armor has a number of surprising uses, and is far more accessible than many think. For those who pride themselves on being prepared and understanding the importance of various pieces of equipment, a protective vest is a useful tool. For those who may be facing injury or an attack, it is a vital piece of equipment.

By Damian Brindle

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