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Camp Tarp Shelter Wizardry

This guy is awesome! He’s always coming up with neat outdoor survival ideas, and this one is a great one to know for camping. FYI, he also links to a series of other tarp tent videos that may be of interest to you as well. Here’s the tarp shelter wizardry one; it’s a bit hard to follow at first but if you watch it again I think you’ll get the idea…

By Damian Brindle

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One reply on “Camp Tarp Shelter Wizardry”

This guy is a wizard at making shelters! Who carries that many tarps around with them, though? My Get Home Bags each have a poncho or tarp, an All Weather Blanket and a bivvy. The Army ponchos are great in that they can be snapped together to make a tent. The All Weather Blankets make good ground cloths in that they reflect heat back at you. I do keep a few plastic or aluminum tent stakes in each ruck. Who wants to be whittling stakes when you’re in a hurry to put up a shelter?

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