Easy DIY Water Filter

With a little ingenuity and a few parts (of about $30 or less) you can build your own SHTF DIY water filter which can be reused over and over again.

You only need an inexpensive hand pump, activated carbon, window screen material (or something similar), a small piece of PVC pipe, as well as some appropriate fittings and tubing to round out the build.

Of course, this water filter should ONLY ever be used as a last resort and you really should attempt to boil any collected water to ensure it’s safe to consume. This filter, therefore, should be considered as a quality pre-filter before final treatment…

Vacuuming Without Electricity (video)

I’m sure many people say “who cares” if you can’t vacuum your carpets during SHTF? I mean, REALLY!? Odds are you’ve got more pressing problems to worry about than dirty carpets. But, remember that dirt brings disease and the cleaner you can keep yourself and your home the less likely it is that you or a family member will get sick… plus it will give the kids something to do when their video games don’t work, lol.

I’d also suggest that this is a great reason to put in hardwood, laminate, or tile floors where possible. If you can’t afford to do so then either limit access to carpeted rooms where possible or add this to your preps…

How To Build An Off Grid Gravity Fed Water System (link)

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This is an easy way to get water flowing for small uses, such as washing hands or doing the dishes, and if you include an in-line water filter such as the Sawyer mini water filters then you’ll be well on your way to ditching your indoor plumbing, lol…

“An off grid Gravity Fed Water System is a great  option for  running water. Since many of us off grid dwellers and tiny house owners do not have running water.  Yes, you can live without running water. Indoor plumbing has been around a long time but mostly for the wealthy. Your average 16th century English Farmer would have to carry in water. The same still holds true for many parts of the world today.

The system I’m going to show you how to build is not a whole house solution. The principles will scale up, though. This is a cheap and easy solution to get a gravity fed water system for a sink. So this is perfect for doing a few loads of dishes, brushing teeth or hand washing.

Best of all this build is both easy and cheap. I built the system in just a few minutes. I spent the next few days tinkering with it to try to optimize it…”

Read the full article here

How to Treat and Prevent Cholera (video)

Cholera is no joke, hasn’t been eradicated whatsoever, and WILL rear its ugly head post-SHTF. You had better know how to properly treat it should the need arise! In this video, ThePatriotNurse discusses what you can do and suggests you purchase antibiotics for your “sick fish” from here (use Aquarium6 discount code to save $10) as part of the treatment plan.

Beyond proper treatment it’s about prevention, specifically, ensuring you have clean water. To do so she recommends the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00BWIX1EQ” locale=”US” tag=”rethinksurviv-20″]Berkey Filter System[/easyazon_link] (and I second that recommendation) here’s what she has to say about it…

A Better Mousetrap? The Kness Ketch All (video)

In my opinion, the only good mouse is a dead one but if for some reason you want to catch and release or don’t want to use poison then perhaps the Kness Ketch All Mousetrap is the way to go? The video said the cost is around $30 but I found it on Amazon for about half that price.

The following video suggests the Ketch All mousetrap is a good buy, particularly if you only have a few mice to deal with and/or may not be around regularly to properly deal with them.

That said, I did notice the first Amazon review I read stated that for a large mouse problem then this isn’t the solution: “…We had so many mice that after six mice are trapped, the spring unwinds and the door stays open so that all the mice get out. I finally had to use snap traps to thin them out. It will catch from 1 to 4 mice and keep them in, but if you have a real mouse plague, this trap is not the answer.”

Other reviews suggested it works but didn’t always keep the little rodents alive due to various injuries while being trapped.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the trusty bucket mousetrap either as a handy DIY solution too. 🙂 Here’s the Ketch-All review…

Trash Piles Up After Only Two Days In A Disaster!

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Bernie from ApartmentPrepper.com recently had an eye-opening experience where trash service didn’t pick up his apartment complex trash for two days because of a storm and, as a result, things started to turn ugly quickly… the garbage situation, that is.

Sanitation is, in my opinion, one of the most overlooked areas of emergency preparedness and how you (and your neighbors) deal with trash is a big part of that.

Trash WILL pile up quickly if not properly disposed of. This will bring a variety of unwanted pests and insects in no time and, sadly, many diseases too. Living in an apartment as Bernie does only compounds the problem because they’re more reliant on trash pickup than even a typical homeowner is.

You simply must have an idea of what to do with your trash if/when disaster strikes. As such, the following article offers several suggestions for how to deal with trash and more…

“A couple of weeks ago, trash pickup in our apartment complex was suspended for two days due to severe storms. The trash compactor area quickly filled up and people were leaving trash outside the enclosed area. The whole place was filthy and reeked of rotting garbage. It only takes a couple of days between pickups for those apartment bins to fill up to overflowing. It got me thinking that garbage would be a big problem in a disaster situation…”

Read the full article here

RZ Mask: Airborne Contamination Protection In Your Bug Out Bag (video)

Like he says, airborne contamination is probably an overlooked area of preparedness in most bug out bags. In this video, he points out an interesting tool that I hadn’t heard of before today, the RZ Mask which is obviously intended to help protect you from harmful airborne contaminants.

The interesting thing is that this mask actually includes an active carbon filter which is intended to help filter out dust particles up to 99.9%. This is an interesting prep to include and likely better than the common dust mask while also offering more protection for your face.

Of course, the RZ mask isn’t a super cheap option, as such, a simple bandanna is better than nothing, has many uses, and is almost nothing when packed. Beyond that, a N-95 mask or N-100 mask (with one-way valve) are good to include too but for the price and overall protection offered this RZ mask may be a good addition (note: some Amazon reviews pointed out that this mask has a strong chemical / plastic smell so be aware of that)…