CONTEST POST: You Think? by G.R.

question markYeah, I do, I’m sitting pretty, there’s canned goods and bags of staples bucket’d, i have the major area’s covered, food, water, med’s, oh yeah, I’m sitting pretty.

There’s enough you say for 90 days to see you through, 0r 6 months, or gee i have a year’s supply laid up, so when the emergency arrives and all i told to get ready like me begin to show up, favorite buddy and family, mom & dad, sis and the kid’s, yikes, the supply’s go down to 6 week’s or 3 week’s duration, how did this happen you ask yourself on sleepless nights as the turmoil on the outside continues, where did i go wrong what could i have done, what do i do now?

When reality becomes a nightmare, a scary situation at best and hope fades and all eyes are now on you, you’re the go to guy/gal since you knew ahead of time to prep, what do you do now? Thankfully we all seem to still have time to consider our situation’s, bug out bags are useful, bug out locations are a good plan, anyone you can get onboard is a plus and now the “but”, but what is the plan when stuff wear’s out, supply’s dwindle and the last can on the shelf is looming large.

Let me add a thought to areas of consideration now and use a new word called sustaining, how do you plan to sustain the supply line. Ahhh, the thinking cap light just got bright, what are the areas of consideration, yes, the American pastime, eating, canned goods, dried good’s, dehydrated/freeze dried goods are all a good beginning until they are gone. Now we need more, now is the time to learn to sustain by gardening and take my word for now, dirt work is tough, gardening seems to have its own demon’s to fight, watering, rain’s won’t cooperate or come in timely manner’s, hence a rain barrel set up perhaps, solar shallow pump with a good sized tank, roof gutter collection diverted to an innovative collection point, seed starting, why don’t they germinate when you want them too, what’s a hybrid got to do with anything, heirloom, are they old seed’s? The time to educate is now, then add molds, fungus, pest’s inside the plant and on the outside ohhh my…. Gardening can be in ground, raised beds, container’s, but gardening has got to be if you plan to sustain versus just extend your survival. Edible landscapes, neat idea there, wild plants that are tasty, we just forgot the art of identification, someone grab a book with colored photo’s soon.

Cloth’s, cleaning cloths, patching cloths, anyone know the sustaining lost art of sewing? Darning, not your husband’s ladies, the sock’s, hee hee…..i loved those ole patches as a kid, had them on the knee’s, butt check areas, got to sew a bit myself, had to extend the use of those blue jeans, sustaining, someone thought to post an article telling all to just boil your cloths if the grid goes down, that same party failed to read our modern garment labels that explain exotic Chinese materials when boiled will knarl up fall apart and create general chaos to the wearer….

Wood, have you panted a tree lately, think you have enough around the house to lay up some firewood, or enough thinner branches to make new handles for garden tools when they dry out and crack in two?, along with a multitude of other uses wood provides.

So the gist is, sustainability, a consideration beyond what we already have done to continue the life flow, on your next walk through the neighborhood consider what ‘s on hand, the next trip to your bol take an inventory of what is on the property, kids could learn to collect herb’s, root’s, edible grasses, or is there a need to plant them as well? A patch of dandelions, wild onion’s, poke salad, what is indigenous to your region, local, what can be transplanted, what will your neighbor’s think of your good deed when you ask to dig up all the dandelions in their yard for free, lol !!!

Perhaps sustainability isn’t a new word to you, perhaps it is, either way, it’s time we add it to our post’s and blog’s with all the ideas we can think of to alert others, learn other’s and teach one another, what say ye? This is just one man’s opinion.

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Author: Damian Brindle

Blogging about all things survival and emergency preparedness, including experiences with DIY projects and ideas, gear reviews, living frugally, cooking in unconventional ways, and more! Take a tour to better understand the many tools and resources you can find here as well as what to expect in the future. Learn from my experiences and share your own in the comments below. Have a blessed day. :)

6 thoughts on “CONTEST POST: You Think? by G.R.”

  1. TR, agreed that the economic collaspe is looming large, be sweet to make it through 2014 but…. we shall see. In addition the economy goes so goes the energy sector, so goes the food sector, so goes, on and on…. trigger time now, community support, group support, bartering/trading now, (to learn the innuendo’s), learning a trade/skill to barter with when paper is worth naught but to pile in the portalet for subsequient use, ahem! These are all post’s that we should all be reading/doing, sharing/perfecting now, along with encouraging others to get onboard and binding together if no more then a neighborhood/community thing, safety in numbers will take on a whole new meaning henceforth!! Thank’s for sharing TR.

  2. Aye TR, agreed, one can have all the toyz in toyland,keeping them will be another sustainable question to post about….. where are you keeping your toyz, what plan do you have to divest your toyz, are you mentally prepared to keep your toyz, defend your toyz, keep your toyz oiled and shiney….. good thinking TR, prepping never end’s, no one is ever there, as tomorrow will bring another round of what if’s to contend with, sustainability gives you that edge, if you prepare to be sustained…. another man’s opinion.

    1. Not downgrading anything in the article , but economic collapse is predicted in no more than 2 years , if true , it will be a war zone , considering the infrastructure we all are used to stops working and the mostly unprepared masses take to looking for anything they can use or need , by any means necessary . I know I will kill to protect me and mine …………not sayin I’ll like it , but the trigger will be puled .

    1. Keeping the cookies you say, how tight is your cookie jar lid TR? True, the have not’s are eventually coming to look for goodies they don’t have, even the prez signed an exec order giving the “G” a mandate to come and get whatcha got, I know, but, the constitution say’s…. the constitution doesn’t have any boot’s on the ground as BHO think’s he has and his civilian force that he started graduated their first class in august 2012 so yeah, the keep’n should be part of any man’s prep, added to his sustainability, I get it !!!!!

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