DIY Solar Powered 12-volt DC Box Fan for Under $50

Definitely worth the effort for SHTF if you can manage to get enough solar power to run it all day long. Stick around to the end (at about the 9:00 mark) to see how he adds a variable speed switch to reduce the fan speed and save precious battery power…

Author: Damian Brindle

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2 thoughts on “DIY Solar Powered 12-volt DC Box Fan for Under $50”

  1. Do you want to install and install DIY solar panels? Our list describes the safety risks that may arise and the damage they can cause. Some of the advantages of our electricity grid have always been short-lived. We are very simple over the years.

  2. Yes, this is great invention and I am using this solar system in my home since 2017 and it is outstanding. Now there are so many product launched which work with solar plants power. It really works perfectly 🙂

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