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DIY Solar Powered 12-volt DC Box Fan for Under $50

Definitely worth the effort for SHTF if you can manage to get enough solar power to run it all day long. Stick around to the end (at about the 9:00 mark) to see how he adds a variable speed switch to reduce the fan speed and save precious battery power…

By Damian Brindle

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5 replies on “DIY Solar Powered 12-volt DC Box Fan for Under $50”

I’ve been scouring Amazon for 12 volt fans. Instead of buying EXPENSIVE 12 volt vent fans for my old fiver, I’m gonna build my own using your design. The lid will be a universal van lid, but the fan inside will be 12 volt. EASIER to control, will most likely last longer and be better. GOD BLESS YOU for your designs! The evaporative cooler I built last spring using your design is STILL working, and my neighbor wants one for her bedroom! You, Sir, are a genius!

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