Make it Mondays: DIY Vaseline and Cotton Ball Fire-Starters Without the Mess!

Have you ever wanted to make your own Vaseline and cotton ball fire-starters but don’t want your hands to look like a mess after coating just one? Then you’re in luck because you can easily make your own Vaseline-impregnated fire-starters with ease. Here’s how in roughly four steps:

It’s really easy, here’s how:

  1. Gather your supplies. A bottle of Vaseline, a handful of cotton balls, and a small bag. Any small Ziploc bag will suffice but I used small bags similar to these since I have plenty for some unknown reason.
  2. Invert the bag so that the outside is now inside and the inside is outside… you get the idea. Dip your fingers in the Vaseline and gather up a decent amount. Now, invite your buddy over for a prostate exam. 😉
  3. Return the bag to it’s original, upright position… no, wait, that’s an airplane tray table. Just flip the bag back the way it’s supposed to be and try not to make a mess, insert the cotton balls, shove them to the bottom, and begin slathering away. It’ll take a little bit of effort to roughly coat the cotton balls but, hey, what else were you going to do after reading this?
  4. Once you’re satisfied every last fiber has been coated go ahead and expel as much as air you can then roll it up, sealing the bag when finished.

Well, that’s it folks. You’ve just made some high-quality Vaseline-impregnated fire-starters without making a mess! Now go light something on fire. 😉


Author: Damian Brindle

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5 thoughts on “Make it Mondays: DIY Vaseline and Cotton Ball Fire-Starters Without the Mess!”

  1. i was wondering the same thing.. i thought if you put it into some type of film canister it might help… i do know if i keep my zippos filed and dont use them for a while the fuel has a tendancy to evaporate. so i have to refill them.. so i dont fill the unless im going to be useing them alot… I dont use the Ronsonol i use the zippo premium fuel tho…

  2. sometimes the really easy things are so simple to figure out that the modern man is just to stupid to do it… LMBO…
    now why didnt i see that…. it would have been so much easier than spooning the stuff into the baggie with your fingers…. uggg…

    ok ok im back as always thanks for the simple ideas that make things so much easier…. 😉

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