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Double Spring Snare Trap (video)

I’m not into trapping so I can’t comment about effectiveness but I can say that it never hurts to learn something new, even if you never expect to use it…

By Damian Brindle

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2 replies on “Double Spring Snare Trap (video)”

What do you think of storing beans and rice in a container using dry ice to displace the oxygen? I was told that brown rice has too high of oil content to store for more than a year. Is that true?

Never tried it myself, probably for this very reason. Honestly, however, I’ve kept some brown rice around for years that I don’t think has gone bad so the one year timeframe can certainly be adjusted.

That said, brown rice is NOT white rice BECAUSE it has the oils which WILL make it go racid. As such, you simply won’t be able to store brown rice for decades like you can white rice.

My opinion? Store enough brown rice to last for a year or two (as much as you might expect to use) and then add white rice for the long term storage as the “just in case” option.

Of course, you can always just store brown rice for long term and hope it stays well. Remember that the environment plays a big part in how long foods will stay viable so keep it in a cool, dry place if you can.

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