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EDC Necessities Kit

This video isn’t really about preparedness, though he does include some useful survival gear, but more about the daily items one might want to have handy for everyday needs. Like he said, it’s a very personalized kit, so you shouldn’t just copy what he’s done – make it your own!

Like I said, he does include some very useful items right from the start, including the rechargeable Olight EOS which I own and like very much, a small portable USB charger (just search Amazon because there are so many inexpensive options), as well as a mini multi-tool (the Gerber Dime might be a good choice here).

Personally, I might have added in some folded duct tape in the kit too because that tends to come in handy occasionally, maybe a small package of facial tissues if I thought they could fit, and maybe a little bit of cash. I’m not sure what else I would include that wasn’t already mentioned. What about you?

By Damian Brindle

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