Egg Storage Experiment – Week 2 Results

My second week of egg storage with mineral oil is here already. Can’t say I’ll keep up with the posting of pictures but here’s where it stands:

This is the mineral oil egg, no floating (which is good) and no off smell:


And here’s the control egg, also no floating and no off smell:


Last, I choose to cook and eat the mineral oil egg:


Fortunately, it tasted good and I didn’t die (my two criteria for a good day) and even though the control egg appeared to be fine I wasn’t going to risk it. We’ll see how brave I’ll continue to be as the weeks press on. Like I mentioned in previous posts on the subject, it just seems so foreign to me to eat eggs that haven’t been refrigerated. Anyway, happy egg storing!

Author: Damian Brindle

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6 thoughts on “Egg Storage Experiment – Week 2 Results”

  1. @ junipers

    Both my husband and kids want to see the meat package before they will eat what I’m cooking! LOL

    Bev 🙂

  2. Did you crack the ‘control’ egg? Did you notice any changes in the consistency of the whites? Was the yolk still more or less in the center of the white? Was the yolk already broken when you cracked it? When you said, “No off smell”, did you mean without cracking it? Do you think the shells will deteriorate over time?
    Our hypothesis is that the eggs with the mineral oil will last longer. If the control egg shows signs of age, we need to know how much longer it takes for the oiled eggs to show those signs. And just because they show signs of age doesn’t necessarily mean they’re inedible.
    I apologize, I haven’t always been this way, homeschooling made me weird:) and I’m truly interested in your experiment.

    1. That’s a lot of questions? I honestly didn’t pay that much attention to it because I had no intention of eat the control egg. Next week I try to remember to put them side by side before discarding the control egg. As for the “no off smell” that was after cracking it.

  3. My husband is terrified to eat the eggs I’ve stored away in mineral oil. Every time I make eggs, his first question is:”These didn’t come from the basement, did they?” Lol!

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