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Egg Storage Experiment – Week 3 Results

My how time flies… we’re already to week 3 of my–possibly–18 week experiment of egg storage without refrigeration. Here’s where we’re at (click images to enlarge)…

Here’s the mineral oil egg (doesn’t float and no smell when opened):


And this is the control egg (also did not float and no smell when opened):


Here’s what they look like on the same plate (the left egg is the mineral oil egg):


Pam had asked a bunch of questions last week so I’ll try to answer them for this week:

  1. Did I crack the ‘control’ egg? Yes. I cracked both eggs (and smelled both before and after cracking).
  2. Any changes in the consistency of the whites? None that I noticed except that MAYBE the control egg whites are more yellowish.
  3. Was the yolk still more or less in the center? A picture’s worth a thousand words… so, yes. 🙂
  4. Was the yolk already broken when you cracked it? The yolk doesn’t look broken to me even after cracking.
  5. Do I think the shells will deteriorate over time? I haven’t a clue but I would assume they do at the microscopic level.

Overall, I would say that if I didn’t know which egg was which, I couldn’t have told them apart. This is still a bit surprising to me as I would have anticipated the control egg to have gone bad by now, but that’s just the ignorant suburbanite in me speculating.

And, since I had already eaten lunch before checking my eggs, I cooked them up and fed them to the dog as per Bev’s suggestion.

By Damian Brindle

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4 replies on “Egg Storage Experiment – Week 3 Results”

Thank you. I agree with Jean, you ought to eat them. Seriously, if they don’t float you are safe. And you don’t have to cook them for the dog, even if they are bad. 🙂 Fun fact, raw eggs will make the dogs coat shiny… it works the same way with people hair.

Years ago, we lived off-grid in Maine, shopping only once a month. The eggs sat on the counter, being used until the next shopping, as long as 5-6 weeks. We never had one go bad, nor got sick. Have more confidence! The float trick is the best. When it rises completely off the bottom is the time to be more cautious. But to make it a true test, you need to be eating them. You need to know at what point it tastes more sulphuric. Sulphur won’t kill you–it just doesn’t taste good. That’s the point you’re looking for.

Thanks for your site–it’s great!

Use the old redneck pickled egg trick , pickle them in red food coloring , that way , you can never tell how old they are lol.

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