Egg Storage Experiment – Week 4 Results

Here’s where we’re at in week 4…

This is the mineral oil egg (doesn’t float and didn’t smell funny):


This is the control egg:


Notice anything different? Yes, it’s floating. So, I cracked it open on a plate:


I know the plate is red so it’s not really easy to see but everything looks perfectly fine. There was no smell either. If I hadn’t done the float test I would have had no inclination that the egg was bad. Needless to say, I didn’t bother to eat even though I was working up the nerve to do so.

Here’s the mineral oil egg being cooked up (it tasted fine):


I’m not sure whether to keep the control eggs or not since I now have zero intention of eating them. If anyone has a good reason why I should keep checking them I will do so otherwise they’re going in the trash before next week. I will, however, keep checking the mineral oil eggs to see how long they’ll last.

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Author: Damian Brindle

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4 thoughts on “Egg Storage Experiment – Week 4 Results”

  1. Before you chuck your control eggs, you might want to see if they all float, or if the one was an aberration. That one could have been older than the others. Floating simply means it was old enough to have absorbed enough air to float. It doesn’t mean it’s poisonous, it means it’s old.

  2. It might have just been just the one egg that was a floater. I would give it one more week testing the control eggs in case.

  3. Been following this from day one. The untreated ones actually lasted longer than I thought they would. Interested to see how long the treated ones go. Thanks.

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