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Family-Sized Backpack Cookset: KingCamp Climber 3

Like he points out, you don’t tend to see too many larger cooksets available for purchase that would be able to accomodate more than a person or two.

This KingCamp Climber 3 Cookset, unlike most options out there, is definitely big enough to cook for an entire family and is perhaps the most complete backpacking cookset out there, and for a reasonable price…

By Damian Brindle

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2 replies on “Family-Sized Backpack Cookset: KingCamp Climber 3”

Some how I stumbled on to this page. I am rather new to camping with my two grandsons and this looks like a set that might work for us. I spent 27 years camping with my Uncle Sam and half of the time we ate MREs. When we had a kitchen with us the cooks did an outstanding job. I’m trying to teach the youngsters some of the ways of the woods and they are learning well. They realy like it when rhet catch some wild trout when we go out. You can’t beat that. I’m sure that cookset would be put to good use.

This is a very nice cookset, and would replace my old enamel ware cookware that has seen better days! I camp with big eaters, so one this size that compacts so well would be good for me. Don’t know what the magic word is, but happy cooking!

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