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Form-A-Funnel Flexible Draining Tool

Although he’s using it for his motorcycle and around the house, I could see this Form A Funnel being tossed into a bug out bag or vehicle kit for various survival uses, such as for funneling water. He suggests the larger size might be of more use, particularly for being molded into a handy container…

By Damian Brindle

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7 replies on “Form-A-Funnel Flexible Draining Tool”

Very cool! I love learning about things I had no idea existed, and this is so useful. Thanks for putting it up.

Do you know, does yours have an Aluminum insert? Or a lead insert? I’ve read the old ones had lead, and I would think lead would be easier to bend and keep it’s shape. Any idea where I could get an older one with the lead insert? Thanks.

Here’s the answer from the Amazon product page: “Previous versions were composed of a thin layer of lead surrounded by a rubber/nitrile coating. The current version uses an aluminum layer surrounded by the same rubber/nitrile coating.”

Ya, I had read that about the newer ones having aluminum instead of lead. Yours looks like it bends any way you want and easily. I would expect aluminum probably does not work that well. At least one (maybe more) reviewer on Amazon made the remark that his only bent “certain ways” and wasn’t that easy to “mold” into what shape you want it.

That’s why I assumed yours was probably lead, and wondered if you know where I can get a good used one (or 2 or 3) that would have the lead in them? Since they don’t make them with lead anymore, I can’t get them from the manufacturer and so far, haven’t found any online, either. What a shame.

I think you need to review the “newer version” and let us know how you like IT, since we can’t even get the one you reviewed.

What a “tease”. HA.
Thanks for the review, tho, even if it was out of date. Good review.

I tried to share this on FB, twice, but both times it came up with a PICTURE that had NOTHING to do with the funnel (NoBama was in the picture!!) so I REFUSED To put it on my page.

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