How a Bullet Proof Vest Can Protect You in a Car Crash (Guest Post)

Car Crash
Car Crash

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Many do not realize the potential benefits of owning a bullet proof vest; it should be an important part of anyone’s survival equipment.

After all, all your preparation will be for naught if an errant bullet from a panicky survivor is all it takes to kill you.

The biggest threat you will likely face after the world has ended will be other people, whether or not they mean you harm. Panicky and desperate people behave erratically and can be extremely dangerous, and this is just one reason a protective vest is a vital piece of equipment.

However, even fewer people realize just what benefits a bullet proof vest can bring you…

Picture the scene: the world has ended. Any number of situations could have occurred, but in this case it was an outbreak of an incredibly deadly and infectious virus that reanimated its victims, releasing a plague of the undead upon the earth. [editor’s note: Can you say “Walking Dead?”]

This situation (a personal favorite of mine) may not seem relevant to body armor at all, but the benefits it provides are so universal that it remains a useful piece of equipment.

Your preparation has led you to be in an enviable position; you have a secure and well-fortified place to live, stocks of food, water, medicine and ammunition, and an indispensable knowledge of how to survive. All this will make you a very lucrative target for any potential attackers, many of whom will be armed.

This is obviously where a bullet proof vest displays its usefulness, and vests can be found in concealable styles that are capable of stopping even armor-piercing ammunition.

However, let’s assume you have not been attacked, but instead you have survived comfortably for many months. Your stores will eventually deplete, and even if you methods of sustainable living (which any long-term survivors should naturally invest in) you will need to venture out into the lands of the dead.

You may be lucky enough to have a vehicle of some sort, and with the roads (mostly) clear, the temptation to drive is tough to resist. [editor’s note: unless you’re WAY far away from civilization, the roads won’t be clear.]

However, accidents still happen, and you could find yourself involved in a traffic accident. Perhaps you took your eye off the road, or swerved to avoid something, but whatever the case, you have crashed.

The empty roads encouraged you to drive faster than usual, and who needs a seat belt when there are no other drivers? This means that if you crash, you will crash hard. This is where your vest could save your life. [editor’s note: SHTF is NOT the time to get careless! If anything you should be more cautious at all times.]

The materials used in bullet proof vests are incredibly strong while being lightweight and flexible. They stop bullets by absorbing the impact and spreading it across the fabric, dissipating the energy. This means that any blunt trauma can be mitigated to some extent by a vest, and so in your fictional car crash, your vest could save your life.

This is true even in the non-zombie-infested world, and in any situation where you could experience blunt trauma a vest will protect you. DuPont, the makers of Kevlar, hold a ceremony annually that honors Police Officers whose lives were saved by a bullet proof vest. A significant proportion of these were involved in otherwise fatal vehicular accidents. A bullet proof vest is therefore a very important piece of equipment.

Body armor is available in a wide range of styles, including covert and overt, designed to be worn underneath and over clothing respectively. This means that a bullet proof vest can suit any needs, and be worn in a wide variety of environments. Vests are designed to sit just above the naval, providing a full range of movement while still protecting the vital organs. This means that even when sitting in a car you are protected and comfortable.

Bullet proof vests are a vital piece of equipment for all survivalists and preppers. [editor’s note: I couldn’t agree more. Invest in quality gear while you still can.]

Not only will it keep you safe from a wide variety of ammunition, but it can also protect against all sorts of blunt trauma and brute force, and ensure that your preparation will not be in vain.

However, it is important to know that only a stab proof vest can protect you against knives and edged weapons, meaning that in my favorite scenario a bullet proof vest will protect you against the swinging fists of the walking dead, but only a stab proof vest will keep your torso safe from their eager teeth. 😉

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