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HOW TO KILL WITH YOUR HANDS DVD…to survive a violent attack

I have no idea how long the link below will continue to be active, but Coach David has just told me that he is making Disc 1 of his B.E.T. system FREELY available for a limited time on YouTube. I had an opportunity to review it a few weeks ago and was getting excited about (hopefully) offering it to you for a good price in the near future, but free wasn’t exactly what I was thinking about. 😉

Anyway, I thought the content was very useful and maybe, as Coach David says, it will save a life. Here’s what he sent…

Watch now before YouTube bans it!

I believe in the non-aggression principle until someone breaks it…

Watch for a limited time.  Send to your friends before I take it down or YouTube bans it!

(HD) HOW TO KILL WITH YOUR HANDS DVD…to survive a violent attack (Disc 1 of 2)

By Damian Brindle

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5 replies on “HOW TO KILL WITH YOUR HANDS DVD…to survive a violent attack”

great, great video! forget scrapping the shin, stomping on the instep – go for the eyes, girl! so simple, who woulda thought? very empowering – thank you.

Useful information. I’ve never really thought about a “chain” of reaction to open up another “target” area. As a woman who is 62 yrs old, I’m kind of wondering if this is something that I’d be able to do. I would have to say that once your adrenaline is going, any thing is possible.

I’m half your age and wonder if I can do it! At the very least I think it’s about the knowledge of what you can do and, of course, hands-on training and even visualization techniques. What I liked most about his system is the simplicity. Even something like Krav Maga that is often touted as “the best martial arts” requies a lot of knowledge and training. This system keeps it simple.

If I had the time and money , I would love to take the systema classes led by former Spetsnaz operative Sonny Puzikas . The guy is on the creepy side , but he’s one tough and disciplined individual .

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