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How to Survive the First 2 Months of SHTF

Could you survive months after a catastrophic event, such as a complete grid-down collapse? Most people think they could, invoking daydreams of Mad Max scenarios, but odds are that they’re not even close to being ready for anything close! Even most preppers might not be ready, are you?

After all, there will be no power for lights and refrigeration, no gas or diesel to keep things moving, no food being delivered to stores either, water stops flowing (and sewage STARTS flowing, yuck!) and, of course, money will be useless.

And did I mention people will be desperate–even crazy–when they find out they realize the stuff has “hit the fan” too? People, in my opinion, WILL be your biggest problem. There will certainly be looting, mass riots, roving gangs, and worse!!! Martial law may help over time, but that will easily take weeks or longer to take effect and by then it may be too late for you and yours.

You’d better be able to hunker down or “get out of dodge” quick and plan to ride things out, that’s why being able to survive the first two or three months after SHTF is crucial to your survival. And if you din’t have the supplies and gear (as well as skills and knowledge) already on-hand you’re going to be in loads of trouble.

Here’s what else you should know…

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By Damian Brindle

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