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Legacy Food Storage 72 Hour Food Kit: Classic Chili Mix Review

Here’s another yummy meal from the Legacy Food Storage Kit we’ve been looking at in recent weeks, this time the Classic Chili Mix:

I’m not sure why I keep showing you the front of the packages since they’re all the same besides the name… guess I’m just being thorough.

And the backside as usual:

Again, you just boil a specific amount of water and cook for about 15 minutes. It’s really THAT easy. That’s why I just LOVE freeze dried meals!

And here’s the nutrition label:

Notice all the fiber… this meal will keep you “regular” for sure. 😉

And here’s the final product which made three full bowls plus at least one more (my wife wasn’t home to eat any):

If it looks a bit “watery” that’s because it is, in my opinion. Since I like my chili thick I think next time I would choose to use maybe a cup less than what’s recommended (this package suggests 8 cups which is about 2 cups more than the others thus far).

Regardless, I though it was seasoned fairly well, though I would have preferred it be a bit spicier as I’m trending that way as I age, it seems.

My kids seemed to eat every last spoonful so they seemed to like it as well. Overall, this was a winner.

By Damian Brindle

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4 replies on “Legacy Food Storage 72 Hour Food Kit: Classic Chili Mix Review”

Salt 49 none, we get enough salt in just our daily meals. I do not have a science degree so how about using common words instead of maltodextrin as example. 🙂

I know that this type of food is to be used when you’re hunkered down in a SHTF, or on the move in a bug out situation, if you have some hardtack on you, you can grate it up, and put it in this, or any soup to thicken it up.

Again, read the label and inform yourself as to what you are eating. By adding all these “flavor enhancers” they are feeding you poison. Yeast extract, Maltodextrin, and natural flavors are all key words for exotoxins which cause havoc with your immune system.

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