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Machete Axe Combo?

Normally I avoid oddball gadgets like this and I’m usually not a fan of multi-use tools either (except my trusty Leatherman Wave) because they tend to never do a single job very well, but this machete axe combo caught my eye. At first glace I thought you were supposed to wield the axe with the same handle as the machete but, as it turns out, there’s a built-in handle in the machete blade which is never a good sign.

And, while the review in the following video of the Omniblade machete is surprisingly positive to start with, a few minutes in you’ll see the axe blade gets bent! That shouldn’t happen with anything made well. As such, I can’t recommend it. Plus, I think you’re just asking for a giant gash in your leg given that the axe blade is so close to the handle when swinging the machete.

Go buy yourself a quality hatchet, such as the Fiskars Hatchet (which I like to use to make firewood kindling) and a better machete (this Schrade Kukri Machete will do well) and you’ll have far better tools for about the same price.

In any case, watch the following video and realize why combining tools in such a fashion is usually a bad idea…

By Damian Brindle

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2 replies on “Machete Axe Combo?”

Creative yet.. Reminds me of the many absolutely crazy and specialized weapons of old India and China.. The majority of which were abandoned after proving useless in short order.

Getting sick or hurt in the field is your greatest danger.. Straight forward Dehydration is a real danger because there may be no one to recognize what is happening to you..

The last place you want to find yourself is alone with a ruck, weapons out of options..

Stick to the most basic and durable tools you can find.

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