Grocery Stores: No Freight for Two Days Means No Food Either!

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Just yesterday (the day after Christmas) we went to the local grocery store during our twice monthly shopping trips to get perishables like fruits, vegetables, and whatnot.

I was pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t that busy at all, though, I assume the days before Christmas were insanely busy… I don’t know because I didn’t brave the crowds.

Anyway, I was looking for a few vegetables such as  potatoes and asparagus and found the store shelves to be picked clean. So, I asked the guy stocking the shelves if he had any in back (I was feeling hopeful) and said something to the effect that “no freight for two days it’s hard to keep anything in stock.”

He wasn’t kidding. Walking along the outer perimeter of the store I noticed the meats were nearly out… fortunately, I found the bacon I was looking for. 😉 It seemed to me that a lot of the perishables were thinned out but most of the non-perishables were still relatively abundant.

My thoughts quickly drifted to what the stores would REALLY look like if this were a disaster scenario, likely not a can of beans to be found if you’re not among the first at the store…and I’d suspect people wouldn’t be nearly as nice as they were yesterday when nothing was in stock.

The thing is, the grocery stores KNEW this was coming. They knew the truckers wouldn’t be delivering food and they still couldn’t plan appropriately for it. Just imagine what the shelves will look like when the grocery stores don’t get their deliveries and it’s unexpected.

It won’t be a pretty sight no matter the time of year.

Whatever you do this coming year, do your best to ensure your family has at least some food on-hand at all times. I would hate for you to be caught unprepared like the vast majority of folks out there.

It’s a relatively simple matter, in my opinion, to keep at least some food in the pantry. You can practice copy canning, FIFO, or whatever works for you and your family. Just be sure to do it. 🙂

Author: Damian Brindle

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2 thoughts on “Grocery Stores: No Freight for Two Days Means No Food Either!”

  1. Good advice! When my wife and I entered the “Prepping” lifestyle (nearly 5 years ago), I was very anxious to gain information. It was March of 2011 and the Mayan Calendar scare was looming in the distance. One of the first purchases I made was an online publication “37 Food Items Sold Out After Crisis” by Damian Campbell. Most of the food items listed were common sense, bottled water, pasta, rice, canned soups and canned meats, etc. There was other valuable information contained in the publication like important paperwork to centralize, short-term sustainability pack contents and must-have non-food essentials. I was quite content with my purchase. However, a short time later, the “37 Items”, CHANGED! This made me wonder “How did that happen?” Campbell did e-mail me the new listing, FREE of charge. I had also bought a few more of his manuals, The 2012 Survival Guide and Survive Water Crisis. My relationship with Campbell came to an end when I e-mailed to ask if there were printed versions of these books. I don’t believe that I was talking with Campbell himself. But, whoever was on the other end of the e-mail conversation made me so angry that I broke off all communication. Anyway, I will credit Campbell with informing me of the grocery store stock levels. Every time I see a photo of empty shelves, I think of the “37 Items….” manual.

    1. I hate to break it to you but the vast majority of the survival guides you see being sold out there, including the “37 food items” you mentioned, are NOT created or marketed by the person you see… it’s just a persona created by a group of savvy marketers.

      Sadly, I don’t believe that Damian Campbell actually exists and you’re probably right that you were not talking to him during your email conversation. These folks can’t put a real face or name to their survival courses like I can. It’s a shame because people fall for the hype (their courses often sell VERY well) and then find out the information provided was sub-par at best.

      Oh, well. At the very least the guides you received did help you on the right path. That’s good!

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