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NUUN Hydration Fizzy Tabs Review by T.R., EAL

nuunHi peeps,

Today I would like to show you a product that in my opinion works very well, and should be in every BOB and preppers inventory. I’m talking about the NUUN Hydration fizzy tablets. I first found these in the local grocery store chain, in the vitamin section, you can also find them at health /fitness stores. They will run you about $5 per tube.

I live in the desert and understand the dangers of dehydration, if you exercise or do work in almost any environment, dehydration could creep up on you when you least expect it. I have tried all the ”sports” drinks for this, all of them are disgustingly sweet, over flavored, and seem to make you more thirsty because of all the unneeded flavoring. This is where the NUUN tablets differ, they are lightly flavored, very lightly, NO SUGAR or sweetener, and unlike other products, they replace salts that are lost as you sweat, your body needs salt to help regulate itself.

I gave this product a test run in one of the most extreme and hostile environments on the American continent, Death Valley, the average daily temp when I was there was 127 degrees with moderate winds. These fizzy tablets did indeed work, They worked very well, after that trip I stocked up on them.

For preppers, the advantages of a fizzy tablet’s vs. powders of say Gatorade and the liquid are that the tablets are kept safe in a tube, they take up little space, weigh next to nothing, and most importantly………THEY WORK. I have tried a few of the flavors they offer and found that most of them don’t taste very good, I stick with the lemon lime, as its the least offensive of those that I have tried. Another advantage is that these tablets dissolve without having to mix, similar to Alka Seltzer. If your on the move, drop one in your canteen…..then forget about it, it will be ready when you need it.

By Damian Brindle

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6 replies on “NUUN Hydration Fizzy Tabs Review by T.R., EAL”

I too live in the desert and I’d never heard of these until now. What an excellent idea. I’m sold and will be getting some.

Have you ever considered the idea of setting up affiliate links to products you review?

Well the two products are designed for completely different uses . Emergen-C is a dietary supplement , NUUN is a rehydration product . Apples and Oranges .

Be like trying to compare Preparation H and Tylenol allergy , yes they are both meds ………but thats where the similarity ends .

I forgot to mention one thing about dropping them in canteens , the fizzy action builds up pressure . Not a big deal , and will not hurt the canteen or water bottle , but if you have the old GI type with the cup in the same pouch , it might come out of the pouch stuck to the canteen until you release the pressure . I would say its the same pressure that builds up from a half empty water bottle left in a hot car window in summer , not a big deal , but its there .

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