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Outdoor Condensor Microphone Plans and Trip Wire Alarm System

The more I think about prepping for the long term the more I realize how important early warning can be. I should point out that I have no experience whatsoever with such concepts as I never served in the military or brewed up a batch of moonshine–I just watched the last episode of Moonshiners. 🙂

Anyway, two interesting things were recently brought to my attention that may prove useful to you:

  1. An article on Outdoor surveillance with condenser microphones – for those with some electronics background this project is probably a breeze. The purpose is to build your own microphone to monitor your property. I like the idea but only wish it didn’t seem to require a amplifier to work… maybe there’s something else that can be done?
  2. A Trip Wire Alarm system – placed strategically around natural points of egress (that’s nerdy talk for places like walkways) this alarm system will not only alert you to a problem but quite possible cause the bad guy to run the other way since it fires off a .22 blank when tripped! The price might seem a little prohibitive at first glance but maybe it suits your particular situation.


If you have any experience with these products or something similar, I would enjoy learning what you know.

By Damian Brindle

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2 replies on “Outdoor Condensor Microphone Plans and Trip Wire Alarm System”

In regard to needing an amplifier to make the out door microphone set up work, a good compromise would be to make a simple amplifier with the microphone power supply circuit built in. The benefit would be less batteries and connections. There is a common inexpensive integrated circuit that will work (LM386). I made a working prototype several years ago but I have misplaced it . It has been on my “to do” list so I am planning on making another one in February. My first one had two flaws. 1. It was a tiny pocket sized amplifier and the speaker was way to small. 2. RadioShack published some inaccurate information about the circuit so that if you followed their schematic for making an amplifier with a gain of 200x you actually were making the amplifier with a gain of 50x. So when I make the new prototype it will have a chance of working well enough to be useable in this application. If it works. I will let you know and probably do an Instructable about it as well.


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