Food / Water Gardening

How to Start Your Own Survival Farm

Beyond foraging, one of the only reliable ways to secure food in a lengthy disaster is by growing it yourself. Small farms are more popular than ever, and that means there are a wide variety of resources available that you can use to start your own. This is good news for preppers and survivalists who […]

Medical / First Aid

TrueClot Wound Packing Trainer

This is a neat training prop for simulating wound packing from Their training kits, for example, are the perfect option to practice with to simulate a realistic environment, but don’t look too hard at their pricing (must purchase from a different website) because it WILL give you sticker shock! If, however, you have a […]

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Get Home Bag and Compact EDC Kit Book

My latest book, The Get Home Bag and Compact EDC Kit: How to Assemble a Complete Bag with Better Gear for Half the Price of Other Bags, is now available on Amazon. It’s a book I never planned on writing but, to be honest, I’m glad I did because now I believe my wife has […]

Disaster Planning Skills / Knowledge

How to Set Up Your Home for Survival

You want you and your family to be ready for the worst-case scenario. If you’re prepping logically, you know that there’s no one single situation you’re prepping for. You do not and cannot know what will happen with certainty or for how long you will need to be prepared for or what sort of conditions […]

Amazon Kindle Books Skills / Knowledge

New Home Security Book Available on Amazon

I recently released the second edition of my 28 Powerful Home Security Solutions book on Amazon and I’m rather proud of the updates. In fact, I added quite a bit, including additional photos and checklists, advice on how to survive a home invasion, plus more than a dozen extra security tips! I also expanded on several original topics […]

Bug Out / Wilderness Disaster Planning Skills / Knowledge Warmth / Shelter / Cooling

Off the Grid Super Stack FINAL Call

This is the final mention about this amazing offer because your chance to grab the Off the Grid Super Stack ends at midnight (EST) on Tuesday, 9/17/19. If you haven’t decided yet, I’d say there are two simple questions you need to answer: Question 1: Do you have the time, energy and wisdom to figure everything out […]

Bug Out / Wilderness Skills / Knowledge

9 Skills to Teach Your Kids About Survival

As a parent, ensuring your children are safe from harm is a top priority in life. While it’s important to educate and prepare yourself for emergencies or impeding danger, your kids may not always be with you and rely on your survival instincts. Would they have the knowledge and skills to get by on their […]

Skills / Knowledge

What You’ll Get With the Off the Grid Super Stack

The other day I mentioned the Off the Grid Super Stack and what an amazing offer it is. Remember that it’s a hand curated collection of ebooks, courses and other top tier resources aimed at those interested in prepping, survival skills, permaculture, homesteading and generally living off the grid and much more. What I might not […]

Camping / Fire Food / Water Gardening Skills / Knowledge Super Savings Deals Warmth / Shelter / Cooling

Discover How to Thrive Off The Grid

You’re going to be hearing from me more than usual over the next few weeks, but I promise you’ll be glad you did because I’ve got some good things coming your way… For starters, my next book, The Get Home Bag and Compact EDC Kit, will be released by the end of the month. Plus, I’m […]

Amazon Kindle Books

New Survival Book Covers Feedback

A few weeks ago I decided to commission three different people to make new covers for six of my books (including a new one on “get home bags” I’m about to release) and I need your help deciding which ones are the best! To do so, I’ve created a quick and easy survey using a Google Docs […]