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Plywood to Protect Doors and Windows During Civil Unrest

I know that the guy in the video below (TheUrbanPrepper) lives in the Seattle area like I do, but I think he’s on the Seattle-side of the Puget Sound, so I can understand why he’s pre-cutting plywood sheets now to help protect his home considering how unruly it’s getting over there. In any case, for less than $150 or so he’s able to significantly increase the security of his home given a little bit of time and effort.

A few things I want to point out that he didn’t quite cover:

  • Although he’s pre-cut and pre-drilled holes, you might want to take it a bit further and actually begin to drive the screws such that they’re flush with the backside of the plywood. Doing so will help you to deploy your plywood barriers even faster. And, while it may be unnecessary to do this for every last door and window, it might be a good plan for all doors/windows that face the street.
  • You need to consider your ability to egress as well. While I’m not certain, it seems that he’s intending to barricade all doors and windows on the bottom floor which could be a bad idea should his family need to evacuate. Maybe keep the back door easily accessible, at least, from the inside?
  • Be sure to keep multiple cordless drill batteries charged because you could be without power during a time of civil unrest, which means a corded drill won’t work.

By Damian Brindle

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