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Review of Hoppe’s BoreSnake – Easiest Rifle Cleaning System Ever!

I’d never heard of the BoreSnake until a few months ago and, to be honest, I’ve only used it once since I bought it but I could immediately tell I’m already in love with it! The BoreSnake is without a doubt the easiest way I’ve seen to clean a long gun. Since I wasn’t sure about what to expect, I purchased a lesser expensive one for my .22 rifle just to see what it’s like.

FYI, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate BoreSnake for your rifle caliber and know that they also make BoreSnakes for shotguns and even handguns. Using it is super easy: just drop the weight through the breach, feed the cord attached until the weight exits the other side, then grab the brass weight an pull the entire BoreSnake through and, voila… you’re done!

Here’s a great video describing it and showing how to use the BoreSnake:

Obviously, this isn’t a deep clean but it’s a great way to quickly and easily clean the dirtiest part of your rifle. Personally, I’m not so sure how useful this product is for a handgun (I think I would rather take my time cleaning those) but for a long gun I think it’s a must-have.

While reading a few of the Amazon reviews I noticed this “Ode to BoreSnakes” I thought was funny and really summed it up:

“Nows that I have Bore Snakes
Much less time to clean it does take
My day is boring, My soul is snoring,
And from my eyes, the tears they are pouring.

So now I don’t know what to do with my life
My last resort may be to spend time with or talk to my wife
Who knew that buying these snakes would be such a huge mistake,
As this much change in my life I never thought these would make.”

If you’re looking for an easier way to clean your long guns then consider the BoreSnake, you can’t go wrong.


By Damian Brindle

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2 replies on “Review of Hoppe’s BoreSnake – Easiest Rifle Cleaning System Ever!”

The real value of the Hoppes Bore Snake is that you use it at the range or in the field just before you pack your firearms to take them home–where you can do a proper maintenance on them when you are alert and focused, not tired from hours in the field or on the range.

I have one for every caliber I own.

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