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Review of RazorPit Men’s Razor Blade Sharpener

A reader comment in my So, I’ve Been Saving My Disposable Razors Lately post pointed out that I could extend the life of the razor blades I’ve been saving using a product I hadn’t heard of before: the RazorPit. This sounded like something I NEEDED to try so I bought one immediately, even without reading reviews!

According to the Amazon product description:

  • RazorPit Saves You Money up to 90% on Razor Blades
  • RazorPit Increases Shaves per Blade from 10 Shaves to 100 Shaves
  • RazorPit features a Patented Friction Razor Sharpening and Cleaning Technology
  • RazorPit Sharpener Works on All Razors and Razors Blades
  • RazorPit is Made from Recyclable Materials and Reduces the Waste of Disposable Blades

Those are some bold claims. So, I tried it myself and what I found was encouraging. First, the RazorPit seems to be a very smooth piece of molded rubber and honestly nothing more. To use, apply shaving cream to the disposable razor head and then, with firm pressure, push the blade along the RazorPit in the opposite direction of normal use four times, rinse, dry. That’s it.

I thought, it couldn’t be THAT easy, could it?

Well, I choose to use the RazorPit on all of the disposable blades that I had been saving and then randomly selected one blade from the baggie I keep them in. I choose to wait four or five days before shaving for very good reason: it’s just long enough for a dull blade to pull whiskers quite a bit yet not long enough for a brand new razor to not work good; if I had waited a week, for example, even a brand new blade would pull a bit.

What did I find?

Well, it’s better than I honestly expected but not quite what the manufacturer claims. The “cleaned” yet dull blade worked much better than it would have if I had not used the RazorPit but wasn’t quite like it was brand new because I could tell that it pulled whiskers a bit. That said, I was still pleased with the results.

Why does it work?

Apparently, this simple cleaning action removes microscopic hairs and skin cells that cause the blades to “feel” dull. I would say that the blades still dull a bit from use and over time this cleaning won’t do much good. That said, if I can extend the use of even a single blade to double it’s normal use that’s awesome.

Am I happy with the purchase?

Considering that I spend seven or eight dollars on a set of just five Mach 3 razor blades, the RazorPit could well pay for itself in just a few months. So, yes, I’m generally happy with my purchase.

By Damian Brindle

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6 replies on “Review of RazorPit Men’s Razor Blade Sharpener”

My buddy Jay turned me onto a trick where you just shake your razor as dry as possible and then run it up the hair on your arm a few times after each shave(backwards….not cutting) and it has a similar effect of the product you referred to of cleaning, drying and straightening out minor bends in the razors. No scientific study…but it seems to keep my razors working longer (I notice the difference in the razor if I fall out of the habit within a few days).

I would suspect there are plenty of little tricks like this. Too bad I didn’t bother to learn any over the last 15 years or so that I’ve been using disposable razors. 😉 Thanks for the idea!

Thanks for being the guinea pig! LOL I wonder if it would work better if you pushed the blade on the RazorPit more than 4 times. In the article where I first learned about this product, the user said he swiped it many times…can’t remember exactly how many, but I’m thinking 20-ish.

Glad to hear it’s basically a piece of rubber. On my budget, I’d rather try using a piece of rubber or John’s suggestion of using his jeans. I have lots of old jeans here. Couldn’t hurt to try something free!

It’s almost inner-tube soft. And, yes, doing this more than four times could be more useful but it’s most probable that performing the act each time after shaving is the best plan. I might have also failed to mention that the instructions say to store the razor blades upside down so that they dry properly.

I saw a post on youtube a while ago but instead of a special product they just used the legs of a pair of jeans. I have been doing this for about a year, rubbing the razor 10 times one way and then 10 the other and it does extend the life of the blade significantly.

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