Review of Soviet GP-5 Gas Mask – Inexpensive Yet Good NBC Mask by T.R., EAL


Hi, Today I would like to talk about the Soviet GP-5 gas mask. When the cold war was going on, the Russians built some extensive bomb shelters in most of the major cities in the Soviet Union. The civil defense system had to equip millions of men women and children with the basics in case of war. They had huge underground warehouses full of equipment they hoped they would never have to use.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, some of the satellite nations broke away, becoming independent, but still had the Soviet civil defense stockpiles in their country. So they started selling it off to the west. The GP-5 is one of the things they started selling, it is like all things from the old Soviet Union, simple but practical. If you are looking for a cheap, fast on, fast off gas mask, this is for you.

The GP-5s are new as they have never been used, and were kept in storage. If you are looking for a serious biological warfare mask………then keep looking. Tests made in Poland on the GP-5 rated it effective for chemical / biological / nuclear protection for up to 24 hours. That’s all fine and dandy, but I wouldn’t trust it for biological. My attitude is that with modern biological, chemical warfare the way it is, you will most likely be infected before you are even aware of the threat. That is a scary fact folks, prepping for it is like a terminally ill cancer patient stopping smoking…….too little, too late.

The reason I picked this mask up is to protect myself from the two most likely things that I will run into, and they are OC and Teargas. The GP-5 will shine against those things without any doubt, I have a buddy that was an ex deputy marshal and prison guard before that. He told me that wearing that would indeed protect me from any OC and teargas.

The GP-5 comes to you (or should) with a military cloth carrying case, a can of anti fog, disposable lens rounds (keep the aluminum can, throw the anti fogs away….junk), and a canister. Throw the old Soviet canister away, as all are expired, buy a modern industrial canister for it, most will run about $35 apiece. The Canister will cost you 3 times more than the mask itself. The mask should be sized correctly, if a seller tells you one size fits all……..they don’t know what they are selling, and you will most likely be paying too much for it.

Look for Eastern European sellers, that’s where the old warehouses were, they know what they are selling and should give you a sizing chart to order from. Its easy on, just stretch over your head, you have complete head coverage, pull the canister stopper……..and you’re in business!!!!!

For the price, you cant beat it. And it will indeed protect you from OC and teargas that will be used liberally by law enforcement in times of civil unrest. If you live in an urban area or where you think this may be a possibility, then the GP-5 is good to have.

gas-mask-1  gas-mask-2

Author: Damian Brindle

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6 thoughts on “Review of Soviet GP-5 Gas Mask – Inexpensive Yet Good NBC Mask by T.R., EAL”

  1. From a NBC class I took years ago they talked about the different types of masks out in the market. The worst things about the soviet style mask is that it is easy to over heat while wearing it due to the rubber that encloses your head, lack of drinking tube/straw adapter, anything other than a buzzed or bald haircut will cause the seal to be broken or not fit properly.
    A better lower cost version other than the $200 PLUS commercial ones is the Israeli Military type M15 that is open back and has ability to attach a drinking straw to a canteen for hydration. They also have civilian and child sizes where you can attach a hose for the filter so it’s not as front heavy. We’ve chosen to get the Israeli M15s, best bang for the buck with it’s options.

    1. Yeah , I have short hair , so Im good . For serious NBC , no I wouldnt trust it , but to defeat riot controle measures , its perfect , with OC , you do want full head coverage ( thats what makes you immune to it )

  2. Kind of interesting that American seller dosent tell the consumer that it is a Soviet civil defense mask made in Russia , and leads them to believe by packaging in English that its an American product . ……….stay away from guys like that folks . I got mine on FleaBay from a seller in Ukraine . S,M,L,XL for a size tells you nothing as they are sized in Metric and go by numbers 1,2,3,4,5 with the corresponding cm group for each size number . The child’s mask looks much different and has a hose with the canister on the other end , as its too front heavy for a young child to wear the standard way . You need to get a tape measure and go around your head from the tip of your chin to the crown of your head , then convert to centimeters .

      1. It’s just deceptive advertising , sort of like some of the Cold Steel products that are copied in China and put into a cold steel box , then sold as such . Cold steel actually had something on their web site about chinese knock offs .

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