Screwpop Clippable Keychain Tools

I was sent a press release about these “clippable” keychain tools last week from and figured I would share their interesting products with you.

Now, I can’t say that I endorse their products as I’ve yet to buy one of their several keychain tool options but since I absolutely LOVE keychain survival items, I couldn’t resist. 😉

According to their product list, they have several options but perhaps the most useful ones include…


This is a typical phillips/flat head reversible design and it seems you can get different bits for it. They say you can even substitute a typical power drill bit if, for example, the bit gets lost or you need something different. Personally, this wouldn’t be my first choice as a survival keychain addition.

Utility Knife

How can you go wrong adding a knife to your keychain? You can’t! This looks to be fairly slim and wouldn’t take up much room on a typical keychain as near as I can tell.


A flashlight would probably be my first choice as a keycahin add. Though likely not quite as good as my preferred Streamlight Nano keychain flashlight, this one doesn’t look too bad for the price.

Travel Stash

Seems you’re not going to fit a whole lot of money (or pills) in here but as an emergency backup for $20 or $50 it will work great… plus it’s waterproof. 🙂


Unfortunately, the pliers aren’t quite available to the public yet. That said, I would certainly be interested in adding a pair to my keychain when they do come out. Granted, I’d imagine they’re not quite as useful as a quality Leatherman Multitool but in an emergency I’m sure you’ll be glad you had them.

Beyond those items they also have a wrench, lighter holder, cigar punch, and cigar cutter. Each tool sells for between $5.95 to $7.95 and you can get a total of five tools shipped for the price of one. Overall, if you can afford the keychain space there’s no reason not to add a few of these goodies to yours!

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Author: Damian Brindle

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3 thoughts on “Screwpop Clippable Keychain Tools”

  1. Man you have got to quit showing these gadgets to a gadget junkie. I have a couple of drawers you can rifle through to find all kind of gadgets. I’m afraid to even visit their site.

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