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Sealskinz Waterproof Socks by T.R., Editor-at-Large

Hello Guys/and gals, When planning what clothing to take with you, when space is limited. I found an item called Sealskinz, they are basically waterproof socks, the manufacturer also makes other items, but I have not tried them and in all honesty, am not going to order them, so if anybody has something other than the socks, feel free to chime in here. I live in AZ, not the best place to try out cold or wet weather gear, but I did live in Maine for a few years and remember the conditions there, that is what prompted me to buy a pair. You never know where you will end up in your travels. These socks have a strange feel to them and seem to be multi layered in different fabrics sewn together………I’m not a scuba diver, but that is what it reminds me of. They are thick and not at all like regular fabric socks we are used to. The only ” field test ” I have done is to fill the bathtub up part way and get in with the socks. I walked around in the tub for good amount of time, and my feet were dry as a bone. The manufacturer claimed that your feet will be able to breath wearing them, so I kept them on all day…….they do indeed wick moisture. they do stretch to a limited degree, but not a whole lot, so its important to order the right size. The only thing that is a downer is that these are on the pricey side. That’s why I only own one pair………………why only one ? because I’m cheap! that and I intended them to be packed in my BOB, along with 1 pair of winter socks and two pairs of regular socks.

By Damian Brindle

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Hi. I have these socks and use them for kayaking. They are very comfortable even though initially you have to stretch them on your feet. They breathe very well. Since they are thicker than normal socks they provide a lot of padding too. You could almost walk around in these socks without shoes. And the big draw obviously is they are waterproof. It’s an interesting feeling walking in cold water with these socks. It’s like a warm shield. I also have the gloves and everything I said about the socks are true of the gloves. And since the gloves stretch and fit so well you have good dexterity.


Yeah , I complained about the price , but I guess its kind of insurance for your feet , getting sick because of cold wet feet would probably cost a lot more than the socks .

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