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Seriously, Why Are We Still Having Runs On Water Prior To Hurricanes?

Recently, due to the onslaught of Hurricane Irma I read an article titled Is Hurricane Irma causing too much panic over water, and other preparedness supplies?

Of course, it’s not just water that people rush out to buy at the last minute, people buy batteries, gasoline, and apparently pop tarts to name a few items that “fly” off the shelves whenever news of an impending disaster looms large. And it’s not like this is new behavior, people have done this since forever and apparently will continue to do so because we just won’t learn from the past.

Anyway, I thought to myself: why on earth are we still having runs on water prior to hurricanes or major storms? Can people NOT make even the slightest effort to prepare in advance and have at least a little bit put away for needs like this? Can people NOT see what happened to folks in Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy?

I mean, how damn hard is it to keep a few cases of bottled water shoved in the back of a closet or under a bed or wherever works? Sure, the water won’t stay perfect forever in disposable plastic bottles, but it will certainly last for years and you’d surely be happy to have it when the water stops flowing or you can’t buy any at the store because they’re out.

The same can be said for other items like batteries and flashlights as both of them will stay good for many years without worry… heck, lithium batteries will last for a decade or longer with minimal loss of capacity.

Gasoline may be a slightly different story but even untreated gasoline doesn’t go bad in a week or even a month. In all honesty it will probably still be good in storage for up to a year without much concern and if you add preservatives such as PRI-G (which you should be) then the gasoline will surely be viable for at least a year or longer. How hard is it to do THAT? I can assure you it’s not very hard as I’ve done it for many years now myself.

None of these actions take but a few minutes of planning and forethought and maybe a few minutes to actually accomplish.

Regardless of how easy any of this stuff is, there’s now worry about people buying up more cases of bottled water than they actually need thereby not leaving enough water for everyone else who didn’t bother to prepare beforehand. Worse, there’s concern that these very people are either (1) going to sell this very water at an exorbitant markup or (2) hoard it. Gasp! None of this is newfound suggestion or behavior either.

I say hoard it… hoard it all if you were at least smart enough to beat everyone else to the punch, if you will. This isn’t socialist China after all… well, maybe… never mind.

Really, if you’re still living life by failing to have even the minimal of necessary supplies to keep yourself alive then shame on you. Don’t blame the folks who beat you to it. And don’t blame the government for not forcing them to do what you failed to do, though, I am a bit surprised officials haven’t at least set limits on what you can purchase.

If, however, you were smart enough to prepare ahead and, better yet, get out of harm’s way then kudos to you, count yourself as one of the 1%… the 1% smart enough to prepare before disaster strikes.

By Damian Brindle

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2 replies on “Seriously, Why Are We Still Having Runs On Water Prior To Hurricanes?”

I live in Southeast Florida, and it continues to blow my mind how people who know they live in hurricane country, and have weeks of notice prior to a storm, still go out and have a run on things like water and batteries. I know that my preparations are probably above the normal person, but prior to each hurricane season, I do the following: 1. fill up my 4 five-gallon “military” gas cans and stabilize them. If i dont use them during the storm, I mix them into my cars prior to re-stocking next May. 2. I always keep somewhere between 15-20 cases of water. 40 bottles each case from Sam’s or Costco for $4.00 per case. We rotate through as needed, but it is there if we, or some family members might need it. We also have 2 55-gallon drums filled with water at all times. I also pre-filled my two bathtubs with our waterbobs prior to the storm. We have a generator for our refrigerator and portable A/C. we have solar lights and lanterns that are fantastic. We have multiple ways to cook food, camping stove, sun oven, sternos, etc.
It drives me crazy to see people at my office or nearby looking for water the day before the storm shows up. We will not be those people fighting at the store the day before a storm.
I know this is long, but another funny thing is how people will be returning their new generators, portable A/C units, plywood, etc to the store after they don’t use it. The local Home Depot told us that they will even have people return unopened cases of water. Cases of water! You can’t fix stupid, i guess. Kepp up the good work by the way. Frequent reader, not a very regular poster on any site. Thank you for what you do.

Yeah, right right and right, and how much does it cost to buy 50 or 100 water purification tablets? About the same as a cup of coffee. And 1 extra can of food bought and put to the back of the cupboard each week would soon add up to a very useful stock in an emergency. Look how many millions of people have had their lives disrupted this year alone. Wars, famine, drought, disasters etc. And what about potential EMP attacks or solar surges? It doesn’t make sense to just assume that the necessities of life are always going to be available 24/7 and that life is just going to roll along smoothly forever. There is NO excuse for not being at least a little bit prepared for emergencies. It doesn’t have to be a big “prepper” thing, or cause any extra expense, just take a bit of responsibility for your own survival. Those who don’t would probably be the first to be blaming every and anyone else for the fact that they haven’t got the things that they need.

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