Should You Carry “Hot” Or Not? (video)

This topic gets a lot of opinion from both sides, what do you think? Here’s a few good reason to consider carrying with one in the chamber…

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Author: Damian Brindle

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5 thoughts on “Should You Carry “Hot” Or Not? (video)”

  1. I firmly believe that carrying hot is the only way, especially after two combat tours. Because the second or two you gain by carrying hot over “not”, can literally mean the difference between life and death. I carry a SIG P320 Compact, which does not have a safety, not even a trigger safety like the Glock. That is where your choice of holster comes into play, you need holster that covers the trigger guard, which will keep you from having accidental discharges from your clothing snagging the trigger. Everyone has their own opinion about this subject, but opinions are like a person’s rear end, we all have them and they all stink. But remember one thing, the finger does “NOT” go on the trigger, unless you are going to shoot something or someone. And practice, practice, and more practice, both shooting and drawing/holstering your weapon.

  2. I agree with your premise.The defender may not have both hands available. Anyone who carries also needs to take training in weapons retention and have empty hand training. I got mine at Executive Security International in Aspen, Colorado,but have heard several recommendations for Lethal Force Institute. Probably less expensive.

  3. I am 62 years old, live in Canada, have travelled to 30 different countries, hunted as a kid. I lost 2 fruit trees to black bears, went for a day long drive in my area, and counted 18 bears during the drive, a mix of black and grizzly. Come face to face a couple of times with bears. . I have never in all my life know of or seen etc….. where a gun was needed. Are the people in the USA that bad where you need a gun to protect yourself from them? Where you have to spend several hundred dollars and then be burden with packing a gun around 24/7??? Or are you a bunch of scared chicken shits where you need a gun to prove your special? Or are you sucked in by marketing? Bear spray and a bat…….near had to uses them, no one accidentally gets killed from them….. and they are more of a security blanket then really needed.

    1. Bears will usually depart the area as soon as they realize humans are near. I am 61,have lived in America all my life.Have noticed during my encounters with muggers and TWO armed robberies that they are predators. The criminal will ALWAYS try to gain the element of surprise. They pick the moment that they launch the attack.Having had loaded firearms pointed at my tender body I discovered that I don’t care for it. Not scared…just prepared. Oh and by the way, three of the criminals that crossed my path are still serving hard time.

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