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Still Think You Can Live in a Bunker?

How long has it been now that we’ve been in official lockdown here in Washington state, maybe two weeks? I think we’ve been trying to stay home for at least three weeks and, if I’m being honest, I’m going stir crazy! My wife stayed home over the weekend and was getting fidgety even though she still gets out to work each week. The sad part is that we still have another month to go and who knows if they’ll extend the order.

Granted, I have gotten out about once a week to go to the store for some fresh food and whatnot, but there’s just something about being required to stay at home that just sucks. I can only imagine how horrible it must be in prison. But what about being stuck in a survival bunker of your own free will? How good or bad must that truly be?

If you’ve got plenty of money then maybe not so bad…

Besides the essentials of food, water, and air supply, the bunker had separate rooms, a nice queen bed, television, fireplace, leather couch and more. It’s a nice setup if you had to take shelter underground. And if you’ve got more money than you know what to do with then you can apparently get in on these billionaire bunkers. Okay, I could probably survive in one of those for a few months… if I had to, of course.

But, for the rest of us who might have to survive in a traditional fallout shelter or something like it, could you really? I’d suggest it would be harder than most people realize. After all, I’ve been stuck at home which has two levels with multiple rooms and plenty of space for my family and we’re all getting antsy. Plus, I’ve been able to go outside everyday for a walk and to play basketball with my youngest son most days when the weather is decent.

Now imagine living in a space that’s at least ten times smaller than a traditional suburban house, unable to go outside for weeks or months on end, with no sunlight, and very little privacy. And that’s to say nothing for just how “on top of each other” you must be all day long. It must be quite unpleasant for sure.

No doubt, if you had a legitimate reason to take shelter, such as to survive the fallout from radiation, then you likely have no choice and should just suck it up. I get that. But not everyone would. Maybe some in your family couldn’t hack things as well as you can or for as long, then what will you do? I’d imagine a lot of this depends on your mindset going in and, more importantly, on the type of person you are, in general.

Although I don’t know for sure, I’ll bet some survivalists have taken to their bunkers for this pandemic. Was that a good choice? For what other reasons would they take shelter in their bunkers? And when will they choose to come out?

I say we’re meant to live above ground and to have our freedoms for a reason. Bunkers simply go against everything we are as a species and as Americans live for. Don’t buy a bunker.

By Damian Brindle

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One reply on “Still Think You Can Live in a Bunker?”

I was glad to see this article because it states what is obvious but unspoken. It really is hard to shelter in place, in a full size house with amenities. The bunker scenario really has to be reserved for attempting to survive a nuclear incident or a war. As a prepper, I know it’s easy to buy into the self-sufficiency fantasy but that’s largely what it is, a fantasy. There are simply too many “storms” that will be hard, if not impossible, to ride out.

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