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STOP Buying Useless Survival Tools!

One of my biggest frustrations when newbies get into survivalism is their belief that a single tool can “do it all” or, at least, that a multi-functional tool can be as good as a standalone tool. The sad truth is that the vast majority of these so-called multi-functional survival tools are useless, particularly when it comes to YOUR survival!

The following video demonstrates this idea quite well via a multi-functional shovel which also acts as a hatchet, saw, and with some models includes a compass and who knows what else. Aside from something like a Leatherman Wave (my personal favorite) or similarly well-made multi-tool which is actually designed for such a purpose, buy tools that do ONE job and do it WELL.

That is, choose to buy the best shovel to dig a hole, the best knife to gut a fish, or the best hatchet to chop wood… you’ll be glad you did. FYI, I’ve skipped about a minute plus into the following video to get past the intro:

By Damian Brindle

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I understand his point, but his video really did not prove anything. He pretty much just said the same thing over and over. He could have shown more than a few hacks at a log! Anyway, I looked at this shovel online. It was selling for about $90, so I did NOT buy it. The idea of combining many functions in a single tool does have merit with respect to storage and transportation.

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