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Supercharge Your Bicycle With the Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit!


Where we live there are some significant hills that are simply no fun to ride a bicycle up. Downhill? That’s a breeze… but wherever there’s a downhill slope, there’s an uphill one too. As such–and more likely because I’m just getting older–I don’t get my bicycle out much any more. Ignoring the lack of exercise in this post, it also means that if I had to bug out and I were not able to take my vehicles then I would have to do so by foot which obviously means I’m not getting far very fast!

Bugging out on foot isn’t all bad since it means I’m not necessarily limited to paved roads but there’s an obvious reason why we humans have paved everything and it makes sense to utilize such roads if you can. Certainly, there’s a solution if I can’t use my vehicles and don’t want to hoof-it on foot: a bicycle. But, again, there are those darn hills… and that’s where this Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit comes into play… yet another cool device my buddy Douglas pointed out. According to their website:

“Your Benefits: Tired of high gas prices? Then try the easiest-to-install electric bike kit on the market. Lets you zoom up ‘that one darn hill’ that has kept you off your bike until now, run an errand or commute without getting sweaty. Get that bike out of the garage! Kit assembled in America with high-quality wheels built and tuned by hand in the USA. Get ready with your kit today and don’t miss out on another day of riding!”

In fact, watch this video about installing the Hill Topper:

Interesting? Perhaps. You might, therefore, like to read their rather extensive FAQ on the setup. Now, there are a variety of prices ranging from $399 to $1,195 depending on the battery size you opt for. And that’s where I became slightly disappointed. Personally, I would have loved to see them offer this setup WITHOUT a battery so that I could utilize one my own. If they would have done that I would have been all over this idea and got one for each of our bicycles as a “just in case” option. That said, the Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit could still prove quite useful depending on your situation and need.

By Damian Brindle

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