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The Biggest Missing Piece With Preppers (link)

Apparently, you and I have been “missing” something and it has nothing to do with your supplies and gear but, rather, everything to do with a near-sighted view of prepping and, dare I say, selfish need to survive.

Specifically, we’re not thinking about the long-term needs of rebuilding a society, let alone rebuilding America (and even the world) after SHTF.

And while I understand where the author is coming from, it’s honestly hard for most of us to get beyond the more pressing needs of just surviving the aftermath of whatever SHTF event you’re most concerned with.

That said, in my opinion, folks will naturally want to come together after the dust settles and, as always, rebuild with a better future in mind.

One caution, however, is that the article talks about having local prepper meetings and prepping groups. While this may have certain benefits to you and with regards to rebuilding later, there’s also the inherent dangers of opening yourself up too much to others thereby destroying your OPSEC.

What the author proposes, ultimately, is a double-edged sword and one that must be wielded with caution. Here’s the first part of the article…

“Let me preface this brief writing by saying that I very much appreciate the many, many articles I have read on prepping, and have often found myself humbled by the insights and awareness of the authors.

I do, however, believe that there is a major deficiency in the whole philosophy of prepping.

The fundamental failure, I believe, and expressed consistently in the prepping literature, is that current prepping philosophy is short-sighted, too individualistic, and not assertive enough of its philosophical underpinnings.

Basically (to oversimplify here) what I keep reading is “Prepare for a SHTF scenario by having food and water, protecting yourself and loved ones and possessions, and survive… “ What I do not read about isorganizing, long range group survival, and rebuilding society…”

Read the full article here

By Damian Brindle

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I was in(2)small Great Groups,good training & all,I got very ill & had to drop almost 9 months later,A lot of my preps are eaten to kept me going,so glad I had them,I miss what’s going on,But I just can’t get back into being a active member.I just read all I can keeping my Brain alive.

Sorry to hear you’re having such troubles but glad your preps have helped you. That is, by the way, a huge reason why preps are important that most folks never mention: personal health problems. Perhaps soon you’ll be able to get back to the group. I know I tried once upon a time to start one but it never materialized… good folks are hard to find. 🙂

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