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The Razor Scooter – Alternative Transportation Genius?

razor-scooterThe other day I was looking at my kid’s Razor Scooter that sits idle in the garage–where it has been for many months now–and wondered if it could be re-purposed to further my overall preparedness. It was, after all, one of those toys that my child just HAD TO HAVE, DAD! So, we bought it for him about two Christmas’ ago… he used it for maybe a week or two straight and it now barely sees the light of day anymore.

So, I got to thinking to myself, why not reclaim and repurpose his Razor Scooter into a potential alternative mode of transportation, especially for a bug out situation? I had seen this recommended by others in the past and thought I should reconsider the idea.

Obviously, I would prefer to take a vehicle and pack all of my stuff in a bug out situation and, failing that, I would then prefer to ride a bicycle if I could, but that’s not where this idea flourishes. Instead, what would you do if your vehicle runs out of gas, breaks down, or maybe you just get stuck in a mess of cars that are going nowhere fast?

Sure, you would hoof it on foot but why not give yourself one last wheeled option? In my opinion, the Razor Scooter might be the “perfect” solution here.

For one, it’s fairly lightweight. Second, it can fold up a fit into a relatively small space. In fact, you could probably strap it to your bug out bag if you really wanted, but that would defeat it’s entire purpose. If you simply toss it in the trunk of your car you probably wouldn’t notice much inconvenience. After all, if you’re like me and with all of the other vehicle gear you probably have in there a Razor Scooter will take up little more room.

You might wonder how difficult they are to ride and, in my limited experience, they’re not that hard whatsoever. Granted, I’ve never tried riding one with a 30+ pound bag strapped to my back but I’m sure I would get the hang of it pretty quick…. hopefully.

Understand that this idea is really only useful on city streets and sidewalks as the wheels are pretty small and would not be viable for any sort of off-roading adventure. So, including a Razor Scooter in your vehicle preps could give you one more option but it WILL certainly limit you to traversing the same well-beaten paths that everyone else is expected to be using, so keep this in mind.

Oh, and the cheap ones don’t come with any brakes so it could actually be dangerous going downhill if you’re not ready for it. And, of course, you’re almost better off walking up hill. That said, most roads are fairly level in and around cities so a Razor Scooter could prove quite useful. With this in mind, a Razor Scooter has both upside potential and some downside risks to realize.

As for cost, some scooters can certainly get expensive (at over $100 each) but there are still plenty for under $40 and I’m willing to bet you can get them dirt cheap at a local garage sale… precisely where ours was heading. If you can find them at a garage sale then consider purchasing more than one, toss them in your car, and hope nobody notices you zipping by them during the next zombie apocalypse. 😉

Now if I could just figure out how to strap a small lawnmower engine to one…

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By Damian Brindle

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8 replies on “The Razor Scooter – Alternative Transportation Genius?”

I thought about throwing an old skateboard into the trunk (we have one of those extra large/extra wide ones laying around here somewhere- I have three boys). With as often as I take one or more kids to appointments, etc. in nearby towns, I figured it would help with getting home if we had to walk. One of my boys wears braces on both feet and a long-distance walk would not be easy. I figure he can sit on it and I can pull it with something if needed.

A skateboard sounds too dangerous to me if you were to actually ride it like intended. Maybe you can pull one but I’m not sure about that. What about a collapsible wheelchair? I know that would take up some serious trunk space but if the intention is to be able to transport your child for a long distance on your own then I can’t think of anything easier than that.

A friend considered this too. In researching them, she kept running into limits on how much weight they would hold. I think it was around 125 LBS. maximum.

If nothing else, maybe you cold strap the get-home-bag onto one and push it along as you walk.

Your better off on foot , anything less than a motorcycle or ATV will probably be more of a hinderance than a help . Just sayin

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