The Survival Medicine Handbook 2nd Edition, Revised, Expanded… and Awesome!

To be clear, I’m a HUGE fan of the Alton’s. Joe and Amy have done a wonderful service to the prepping community over the years and I can’t say enough good things about anything and everything they’ve ever done. Really! They know their stuff and it certainly shows with their revised an expanded edition of the The Survival Medicine Handbook.

I actually purchased, read, and reviewed their first edition quite a while ago and couldn’t have been happier. Amazingly, they did even more with it in this book. And at a good 500+ pages of quality information, you’re going to be a while reading the new and improved Survival Medicine Handbook. 😉

The Survival Medicine Handbook Contents

If you’re unaware, the book covers a wide variety of medical and first aid topics, including:

  • their thoughts on being medically prepared (wilderness medicine, long term survival medicine, etc)
  • becoming the “go to” medical resource in your group (assessments, skills, supplies, etc)
  • hygiene and sanitation concerns (food and waterborne illnesses, diarrhea diseases, food poisoning, etc)
  • infections (they cover the big ones such as UTI’s, hepatitis, cellulitis, tetanus, etc)
  • environmental concerns (e.g., hypothermia, heat stroke, radiation sickness, biological warfare, etc)
  • assorted injuries (wound treatment, burn treatment, animal/snake bites, sprains/strains and broken bones, etc)
  • chronic conditions (diabetes, blood pressure, kidney stones, etc
  • other things to know (CPR, eye care, earaches, childbirth and pregnancy, etc)
  • medications (OTC meds, pain meds, antibiotics, etc)

I do REALLY like the fact that they take an honest and no-nonsense approach to such a difficult and important topic. They never speak down to you (it’s more like down to earth) and try to explain the God’s-honest truth about what you can expect in a SHTF situation. They don’t throw in a lot of jargon and just talk to you like a normal person.

Even better, the Alton’s tell if you should or should not do something and what to expect as much as they can. I also like the fact that they try to point out alternative treatments (those outside the accepted Western medical philosophy) where it makes sense. After all, this is about all we’re going to have left if/when the SHTF.

There are occasional picture, photos, and diagrams throughout to help with understanding a topic if needed. Moreover, everything is easily referenced so that you can quickly find any major topic of concern. Overall, the second edition of the The Survival Medicine Handbook is a MUST-have book… in your prepping library even if you already have the first.

Please do yourself a favor: if you don’t yet have either the first or second edition then by all means, spend the money and buy the second edition of The Survival Medicine Handbook. If there’s ONE topic that most of us in the prepping community fall way short on, it’s medical preparedness. Once you get it, spend a few days or weeks reading and then do your best to follow their advice to get you and your family (or group) as prepared as possible for life without proper medical support. If there’s anyone that can help you do that, it’s the Alton’s.

The Survival Medicine Handbook

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5 thoughts on “The Survival Medicine Handbook 2nd Edition, Revised, Expanded… and Awesome!”

  1. I wondered where I downloaded the book “Survival And Austere Medicine”. I got it from you! Thanks, Brother! It has been almost 4 years since I retired from the Army. I am losing some valuable contacts, as some of my closest associates are retiring, too. One of my buddies use to print the lengthy survival books and weapons manuals for me. I am forced to find a new contact, as his last day in the military was a few weeks ago.

  2. I really enjoy the Alton’s input on survival medicine, too. Security experts are a “dime a dozen” on Prepper sites. It seems like everyone that ever served in the military is an ex-Green Beret or Navy Seal! However, sound medical advice is very hard to find. I linked up with Doc Bones and Nurse Amy on DISCUS. I get periodic messages where they go over a particular medical procedure, like lancing a boil or pulling an abscess tooth. I print the Alton’s care instructions, slip the pages inside document protectors and insert them in a binder with the book “Survival & Austere Medicine”. Besides the first and second editions of The Survival Medicine Handbook, I also purchased the Special Operations Medical Handbooks (both old and new versions. These books are very hard to understand, unless you have a medical background. The Altons write so the average person can understand. GOD BLESS’EM BOTH!

  3. Back when Joe and Amy announced that they were going to publish this book, I sent them an email to ask if it covered how to do an appendectomy using two spoons and a can opener?
    They actually answered my question: “No.” (Haha.)
    I ordered three copies of the book anyway. (By the time they were delivered to up here in Canukistan, they cost me 60 bucks per!?!) After reading my copy, (the other two went to my son an daughter)- I don’t regret the cost!
    The book is easy to read, ( for those of us that have no medical background)- and it covers issues that are not found in any of the other first aid books I have here.
    Read it a couple of times so you know what is in it, and where to find it- and it might help to save the life of somebody that YOU care about!
    My copy is now being reviewed by a neighbor who does have a medical background, (looking forward to hearing what she thinks of it.
    Heck yeah- it’s worth having on the bookshelf, FOR WHEN THE DOCTOR IS NOT COMING!

    1. Funny they answered that email. 🙂 Like you say, it’s a quality book and coming from two people who know their stuff and think like we do you can’t go wrong with purchasing more than one!

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