This Survival Kit Is NOT Something To Rely Upon (video)

Normally, I like to show fun stuff and things that work out but sometimes it’s useful to see when things don’t quite work well. That, sadly, is the case with this [easyazon_link identifier=”B00U16SBZO” locale=”US” tag=”rethinksurviv-20″]Schrade Survival Kit[/easyazon_link].

Let’s say this is a healthy reminder to us all that you’re almost always better off putting together your own survival kits, be they bug out bags or small pocket-sized kits like this one… that way you’ll know the gear and supplies you include will work and can be relied upon when truly needed.

So, please, do yourself a huge favor and (1) do your due diligence when purchasing new gear and (2) test it out so you know what you bought…

Author: Damian Brindle

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4 thoughts on “This Survival Kit Is NOT Something To Rely Upon (video)”

  1. For folks that are reluctant to build a mini-survival kit, I frequently recommend buying the SOL Survival Toolkit. It is the coolest thing, a combination of gizmo and container. They generally go for about $35.00, but I’ve seen them as high as 60 bucks! I purchased a bunch of them from CH Kadels/BUDK when they had a 30% off sale. This “kit” is about the size of a fat wallet, but has multiple attachments, plus space for additional items. It has a small knife, light, whistle, signal mirror, compass and “Sparkie” fire starter, attached to a small plastic container that holds Tinder Quick, aluminum foil, braided nylon cord, wire and a fishing/sewing kit. There is space left over for personal items, like meds.

    1. Just looked it up on Amazon (and watched the accompanying video) and it looks decent, though, I tend not to like anything that’s pre-packaged these days preferring to build my own… everything. 🙂 But for the price of $35 the kit may be worth a go for most folks. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Over-prepared that I am, I always carry 2 lighters, plus a pack of matches. That’s EDC stuff. My small survival kits contain a mini-lighter and wooden matches. I like small kits like this. But, truth be known, if you want to have survival essentials, you need a larger container!

    1. I think you have me beat by one lighter AND matches! 🙂 I’ve found I don’t carry as much EDC as I used to, preferring to stick with a modular approach. This, of course, assumes I’ll always be nearby my gear.

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