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This Survival Kit Is NOT Something To Rely Upon (video)

Normally, I like to show fun stuff and things that work out but sometimes it’s useful to see when things don’t quite work well. That, sadly, is the case with this Schrade Survival Kit.

Let’s say this is a healthy reminder to us all that you’re almost always better off putting together your own survival kits, be they bug out bags or small pocket-sized kits like this one… that way you’ll know the gear and supplies you include will work and can be relied upon when truly needed.

So, please, do yourself a huge favor and (1) do your due diligence when purchasing new gear and (2) test it out so you know what you bought…

By Damian Brindle

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For folks that are reluctant to build a mini-survival kit, I frequently recommend buying the SOL Survival Toolkit. It is the coolest thing, a combination of gizmo and container. They generally go for about $35.00, but I’ve seen them as high as 60 bucks! I purchased a bunch of them from CH Kadels/BUDK when they had a 30% off sale. This “kit” is about the size of a fat wallet, but has multiple attachments, plus space for additional items. It has a small knife, light, whistle, signal mirror, compass and “Sparkie” fire starter, attached to a small plastic container that holds Tinder Quick, aluminum foil, braided nylon cord, wire and a fishing/sewing kit. There is space left over for personal items, like meds.

Just looked it up on Amazon (and watched the accompanying video) and it looks decent, though, I tend not to like anything that’s pre-packaged these days preferring to build my own… everything. 🙂 But for the price of $35 the kit may be worth a go for most folks. Thanks for the suggestion.

Over-prepared that I am, I always carry 2 lighters, plus a pack of matches. That’s EDC stuff. My small survival kits contain a mini-lighter and wooden matches. I like small kits like this. But, truth be known, if you want to have survival essentials, you need a larger container!

I think you have me beat by one lighter AND matches! 🙂 I’ve found I don’t carry as much EDC as I used to, preferring to stick with a modular approach. This, of course, assumes I’ll always be nearby my gear.

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