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Three Inexpensive But Essential Storage Tools


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In one of my past jobs, I worked in a warehouse that created and shipped dozens of different products. I even got the chance to help develop several of these.

It was a fun job while it lasted, but there were a few very specific tools that I used on a daily basis that I could not have done my job without. These three inexpensive tools increased my efficiency and saved my hands from a lot of unneeded wear and tear. These tools can serve an even bigger purpose from anyone living a self reliant lifestyle. These are so simple and yet I never see anyone talk about them.

These tools are:

Bucket Opener

So many people stock their items in 5 gallon buckets, and I know just how hard it can be to open one of them after they have sat for a while.  I have cut and blistered every one of my fingers trying to pry one open with my bare hands. Now before you resort to  using a screwdriver to pry the lid open, you could save yourself some time, effort, and a perfectly good bucket ( odds are you will damage the bucket or the lid when you try to open it) and use one of these simple tools that are actually made specifically for opening a pail.

Bung Wrench

Many people store their water in 55 gallon drums, and in order to properly open or close a drum you need a bung wrench.  Now I won’t lie, I have used a pair of pliers, vice grips, and even a hammer and chisel to open one of these, but its not worth it.  These tools are designed to open multiple sizes and shapes of bung nuts and are a necessity to keep on hand.

32-oz. Rubber Mallet

You need to be able to open your pails to get to your item, but the most important thing is to make sure that you can properly close and seal it. If you can’t get a proper seal on your storage items you might as well just store them out in the open. having a rubber mallet on hand will allow you to hammer away at your pails to make sure that they are completely closed without causing the damage that a regular metal hammer would.

These three tools may be simple and cheap, but they are an absolute necessity for all of your food storage supplies. Save yoruself the time and effort, make sure that you have them before you need them.

Ive put them together on one list on amazon, you can check it out here: 3 Essential Survival Tools

But be sure to check around locally, you may be able to find a better deal!

Can you think of any other “common sense” tools that most people overlook?

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The gaskets for the 5 gal. buckets. Anyone know where to get them? A pair of channelocks or aka water pump pliers, work to loosen many things including bungs. One of my essentials is a small vise grip plier. We call them pocket pals. be sure to get the original if you can find one. They also work well as a weapon. If under attack one can use it as a fist pack or just clamp it on an assailant and run while they writhe in agony trying to remove it.

Not sure where to get just the gaskets but I would imagine a brief Google search would find them. Funny idea about using vice grips as a weapon… not quite sure it would be my first option but I like for ingenuity. 🙂

Make sure your a good sprinter , it only takes a moment to get out of them , then you have really pissed them off .

I agree , I also have used other methods , they work , but like he said , will do damage to the lids making it harder for you next time .

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