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What you May NOT know About Preserving Eggs

I did this experiment myself years ago now and, surprisingly, it worked out rather well, even after four months of only being preserved with mineral oil.

In the video she says the coated eggs can last up to nine months, I’ve seen others say a year, and my experiment lasted 18 weeks because that’s how many eggs I had to experiment with. 🙂

Anyway, she offers some additional valuable tips that I wish I knew when I tried my own hand at this, though I do disagree a bit about not using store-bought eggs because my experiments showed there was a clear difference between the control eggs (those that were left uncoated) and those that did get coated with mineral oil after several weeks, if I remember right.

Here’s the video…

By Damian Brindle

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I agree with Dan’s comment here. Although storing them in the refrigerator prolongs shelf-life, room temp eggs have a really nice texture compared to having them chilled. I’d try the ideas mentioned on the video too!

Something to note here: When storing the eggs for extended periods you should check them before cooking. You can do this by putting the egg or eggs in a clear glass or container and fully immersing them. If they float DO NOT USE THEM…THE ones that float or even turn up and start to float are bad. Air has gotten in somehow. We never refrigerated ours and they were good for months at a time. Can you refridgerate them…sure. we just didn’t and we had the occasional bad egg. But the video is valid about storage.

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