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Zip Grip Go: The World’s Simplest Snow Traction Device!

My buddy, Doug, pointed out this really cool alternative to snow chains made by a week or two ago and I thought they were a great idea to share with you. In fact, if I had not already purchased a set of snow chains just a week or two before I was aware these existed, I probably would have went with this idea instead. Rather than explaining it myself, watch this video…

If zip ties alone aren’t quite your thing it seems they have a hybrid setup that combines the ease of zip ties with assurance of chains as shown here:


Personally, I like the idea of a set of “snow chains” that I can rely upon but don’t take up much, if any, space in my trunk. In my opinion, if you’re looking for something that can be there just in case you ever needed them, consider these snow chain alternatives from

By Damian Brindle

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7 replies on “Zip Grip Go: The World’s Simplest Snow Traction Device!”

When I lived in Maine , I used the poor mans snow tires …………….which is , 200 lbs of bag sand in the back of the truck .

I’m afraid midwest weather is going to suck this winter. I spend ALL day yesterday packing a POD and most of the day today. With the windchill it’s VERY cold… glad central heat still works!

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