A Review Checklist for the Long-Term Prepper (link)

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There’s probably a hundred more checks one can add to a list like this but the referenced checklist certainly has the basics covered. That said, to me this post is more about the idea rather than the actual list provided as your needs and preps may vary substantially. If you’ve yet to make a similar list then by all means, get on it!

Personally, I would also add dates to your checklist, specifically when the action was last performed as well as when it should be done again; you can write it out or just type it up in a spreadsheet. Now, use the following as a thought-starter and make your own checklist…

“Many of us have been prepping for quite a while. We started getting some more food, a few cases of water, and some gear. Then prepping took over our lives and we now have a lot of prepping things and a good size food and water storage.

I have been prepping for longer than five years, but I know that I have areas of my prepping I need to revisit. I bet you do too

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Cassareep Preseves Meat Indefinitely? (link)

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This sounds almost too good to be true and, to some extent, it is. The good news is that you can purchase Cassareep, it seems, in the U.S. which means you can then use this idea to preserve meat but it appears that it’s a continual process of adding more Cassareep (and more meat) to the mix time and time again.

Doing so does make this an “indefinite” preservation process but I am calling FOUL here because my feeling is that this should be something which you can do once and you’re good, not something you have to do over and over again. Buy a good and you’ll find better ideas, in my opinion.

That said, it may still be worthwhile to understand how another culture preserves meat and maybe you’ll even find a new recipe to try:

“Native Indians of South America used this root to make a black juice called Cassareep that preserves meat for long periods of time.

What is sure is that the PepperPot was their freezer. The PepperPot was was the pot where

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What to Know About Brown Recluse Spider Bites (video)

I used to live in the Midwest where brown recluse spiders were fairly common. The thing was that I rarely saw them BECAUSE they’re reclusive! The following video discusses how to know if you’ve been bitten, what to expect, and how to treat if necessary using home remedies and even what not to do and use (such as venom extraction kits)…

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Trash Piles Up After Only Two Days In A Disaster!

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Bernie from ApartmentPrepper.com recently had an eye-opening experience where trash service didn’t pick up his apartment complex trash for two days because of a storm and, as a result, things started to turn ugly quickly… the garbage situation, that is.

Sanitation is, in my opinion, one of the most overlooked areas of emergency preparedness and how you (and your neighbors) deal with trash is a big part of that.

Trash WILL pile up quickly if not properly disposed of. This will bring a variety of unwanted pests and insects in no time and, sadly, many diseases too. Living in an apartment as Bernie does only compounds the problem because they’re more reliant on trash pickup than even a typical homeowner is.

You simply must have an idea of what to do with your trash if/when disaster strikes. As such, the following article offers several suggestions for how to deal with trash and more…

“A couple of weeks ago, trash pickup in our apartment complex was suspended for

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Why I Stopped Using Gamma Seal Lids And Food Storage Buckets

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I’ve used these and for years now without trouble. We’ve used them to store rice, beans, oats, and wheat.

In fact, they’re rather easy to use and make accessing my food storage buckets convenient. But, alas, I’m not going to be using them any longer.


Well, remember when I had the trouble with bugs in my oats? I had it happen yet again, this time with my brown rice.

I know this is just the way it is when it comes to using bulk foods but since it’s not SHTF and my family wouldn’t think of eating bugs unless they have to, the last bit of rice I had in my bucket got tossed… which brings me to the problem:

It’s all about usage.

You simply can’t let food sit opened (even though it’s in a “sealed” bucket) for years and that’s by and large what we’ve been doing.

Sure, we get into these foods on occasion but I don’t think I’ve had to add any rice or oats or beans to any of these buckets in years

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Schrade Collapsible Batons: Tough As ASP And 1/3 The Cost? (video)

Good to know Schrade is making a quality collapsible baton these days. Here’s a link to buy it at KnifeCenter.com for about $29 (1/3 the cost of similar ASP batons) and if you want to skip all the initial commentary you can see his comparison tests at about the 8:00 mark. Last, he points out that the friction locks on the Schrade start to give after a dozen or more hits which, IMO, isn’t a huge deal especially for the price compared to ASP…

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Lessons From Mega Disasters (video)

This is an interview with “Eve Gonzales of TradingPostInTheWoods.com [who] talks about her experiences responding to the most catastrophic disasters in recent times. She talks about what she has learned and what you should do to get prepared now.” This is part one of a two part series which hasn’t been released yet (scheduled for next week he said).

I find it interesting that no matter where she goes in the U.S. folks just aren’t prepared. They’re complacent. They truly feel like disasters won’t hit their towns, their homes, their families and they simply ignore the possibilities. IMO, you either “get it” or you don’t. There is no other choice when it comes to disaster preparedness.

Skip to about the 0:50 mark to get to the heart of the video/interview…

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Survival Kit Backpack for Two (video)

Sometimes your spouse (or children) just can’t lug the gear around that you can and so you have to plan and pack for them. If so, consider this relatively inexpensive survival backpack from survival-goods.com. The cost is about $107 and weighs in at 15 pounds. All in all the contents aren’t too bad and I’m sure you can do a bit better on your own if you pieced it together but if you’re short on time or inclination to do so then this bag has the basics covered.

A few things I would change is to add a bit more of your own food as the dehydrated food bars will only go so far with your taste buds, though, SensiblePrepper disagrees with me on that. 🙂 I’m also not a huge fan of the water packets but adding your own water bottles will add a lot of weight quickly so don’t go overboard here.

On the other hand, the basics are covered, including shelter/PPE (tube tent, emergency sleeping bags, ponchos, glove, etc), cordage, light stick, first aid, personal hygiene

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How To Make A Survival Flash Grenade (video)

Not sure if this is worth the effort but still a neat idea as it’s something I’ve never seen made before. That said, I’m not sure I would call this a “flash grenade” but more of a “fast burning and bright flare.” Regardless, as he suggests at the end this idea could be useful for drawing attention, as an intruder alarm, and for starting a fire if no other choice…

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Will You Chase That Last Grain Of Rice?

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The other day my kids heated up two cans of chicken with rice soup and because I was in a hurry that day instead of having them dish up their own rice I did it while they were still doing school. And, while I was dishing it up, I found myself chasing a few last pieces of rice around the bottom of the pot which is something I probably never do if I really stopped to think about it.

It then briefly crossed my mind that if this were SHTF then of course I would ensure my family and I ate literally ever last piece of rice, drank every last drop of broth, and maybe even licked the bowl clean for good measure. 😉

That just seems like the prudent thing to do, right? I would have thought so.

But then I wondered if this was actually a good idea purely from an efficiency standpoint. After all, a single grain of rice can’t have very many calories per grain. Sadly, the answer isn’t that easy to nail down as it depends on a variety of factors including the type of rice, whether it’s

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