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Another Small Example of Being Prepared: No Grocery Shopping This Week

I thought I would mention another good reason why being prepared is obviously useful and that is the simple fact that we didn’t have to go to the grocery store this week. Typically, however, we do go grocery shopping for a few things each week.

Anyway, my wife was asking me yesterday morning what we needed (because I usually know better than she does what we have around) and I said nothing. She wanted to be sure so she asked me the usual…

Wife: “Do we have fruit for smoothies?”
Me: “Yes, plenty.”

Wife: “Do we have vegetables (for dinner) and lunches?”
Me: “Yup.”

Wife: “Do the boys have snacks for their lunches?”
Me: “They have pretzels, cookies, chips (all the bad stuff, of course) but may need some yogurts, if they want it.”

Wife: “Did you get orange juice from Sams Club?”
Me: “Got a 6 pack.”

Wife: “Looks like we only need two things from the store.”
Me: “We need two things from the store?”

I knew we had beer, so that couldn’t be it. 😉 Turns out we needed stuff for our morning smoothies: some greens (usually baby spinach) and some kiefer (a watered-down yogurt concoction). I would say we could get by without either of those.

So, how about you? Could you get by for a few weeks without getting into your longer term food storage?

By Damian Brindle

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3 replies on “Another Small Example of Being Prepared: No Grocery Shopping This Week”

We did get 2 weeks of no grocery store due to a well stocked pantry. I even had enough milk in the freezer to get us through. I will need to restock a bit this week, but I was so proud of myself for saving us a grocery stop.

I could get by on what’s in the cupboard, but hubby would probably get his knickers in a bunch about having to use canned milk instead of “fresh”. About the only thing I can think of that I would want to stock up on is TP (’cause hubby gave away some without telling me) and maybe some canned whole tomatoes.

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