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Did Inflation Just Smack Me in the Face?

A few months back I posted this Review of RazorPit Men’s Razor Blade Sharpener because I just despise spending money on new Mach 3 blades. By and large I’m glad I purchased the RazorPit but it’s not as awesome as I hoped it would be; that said, I think it will work out to be a good purchase. Anyway, I decided I needed some more Mach 3 blades while at Wally World the other day and almost had sticker shock at what I saw, here’s a screenshot of the online price for a 5 pack (the in store price is actually a dollar or two more):

Gillette Mach 3 Blades from

Ignore the image that says “10 count” the price is really for a “5 count.” And, like I said above, it’s actually a dollar or two more in the store. You know what the problem is? It wasn’t that long ago that the price for a 5 count was about $8!  In fact, I can honestly say I thought I was looking at the wrong stickers. Now it’s over $15, which is roughly double the price I was accustomed to paying. And let’s not even talk about the prices of 10 and 15 count blades. I truly felt like it was a smack in the face.

So, what happened? I honestly haven’t a clue. I looked for information online but couldn’t find anything, though, I did find some sites that claim the cost to manufacture these blades is–and has been–dirt cheap which didn’t make me feel any better whatsoever.

Is this a case of inflation? Or, is it just something very specific to these Mach 3 blades?

What I can say is that I let my guard down and wound up paying for it… perhaps it’s time to invest in a straight razor. 😉

By Damian Brindle

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3 replies on “Did Inflation Just Smack Me in the Face?”

I’ve been noticing the same thing, especially with food: same price, less product. In some cases, only about half the amount of product that was there a year ago. and sometimes both higher price and less for it. wonder how long the system can last this way. i guess that’s why we’re preppers, eh?

unfortunatly for everybody this is going to be the standard… most manufactures are putting less into their packaging and charging more… its no different than CTD gauging their base for ammo, Ar’s and mags their price hasnt change its the supply base but they are charging an arm and a leg for those items…

Wally world if you start to look closely to their labeling for food products you will see the price has barely changed but the quanity has… bought some shrimp from them last week still 9.00 but the quanity is 12oz 3/4 of a lb as opposed to a pound which used to be the norm.. this was my sticker shock.. iv read it was happening but up to that point hadnt seen it.. you can imagine what will happen to the price of ammo when supply finally levels out… it will never be the same kinda like the gas crises of the 70’s the price never came donw again…

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